CCELL Palm Pro 510 Battery Review The CCELL Palm Pro takes an already great 510 cartridge battery and adds variable voltages, airflow control, and a pre-heat option.


The New CCELL Palm Pro

The new Palm Pro from CCELL is an updated version of their ultra-popular 510 battery, the CCELL Palm. The original Palm was one of the very first 510 batteries I ever used, and it was fairly sufficient. I actually still have the battery from my original Palm, and it's been a great battery, but after spending some time with the Palm Pro, I have to say they've improved on pretty much every aspect of the Palm, and the Pro is a clear step up.

Quick Start Guide & Manual

When you buy the Palm Pro, it comes in this nice new box and I do like this new packaging, it looks a lot better. I'm going to go ahead and open it up here for you. There is a lot of info on the outside of the box, that’s always nice for a quick reference. Inside, first you get this quick start guide this tells you really everything you need to know. It doesn't tell you about the preheat function on this quick start guide, though, which I think is a very important function on the Pro, so a bit of a miss. Next, there’s the Palm itself and it has this kind of gradient green to gold pattern on here that reminds me of an ocean, you know ocean water onto the sand kind of thing.

Drop-In Magnetic Connection

When you take the Palm out of the box, it is going to reveal your two magnetic adapters. This is a drop-in sort of a system where you’ll screw an adapter to your cartridge, then drop it into the Pro where it affixes with a magnet. Inside the box you will find the full manual, and it does tell you how to use that preheat mode, so it's not like they leave you hanging, it's just not in the quick start guide. They’ve also included a really long USB-C charging cable, it’s staggeringly long. I'm really surprised at quite the length. Now as you see this goes from a USB-C to USB-A or a standard type of USB.

Inhale Activated, Buttonless Use

We took a look at the device, we looked at the new packaging but what exactly is the CCELL Palm Pro? Well, this is an inhale activated 510 cartridge battery, so if you like to use 510 cartridges like this, which are very popular among people, they're super convenient. The cartridges have no smell, the cartridge is instant on, there's really a lot of advantages. Well, something like a CCELL Palm Pro is what you're going to want to use with those 510 cartridges. Now as I mentioned, this has a drop in magnetic connection. Convenience is such a nice thing about using 510s, and that's just going to drop right in the receptacle. As mentioned, it is a magnetic connection and as you can see, it's in there very secure. I have to really shake it to try to get it out of there; I can't even. I'm sure you can get it out if you want to, but as you can see, it's a very secure magnetic connection. This is a one milliliter cartridge and as you can see, it sticks out just a little bit of cartridge and then the mouthpiece protrudes from that.

Works With Most Cartridges

I want to show you with a 0.3 and a 0.5 milliliter cartridge so you can see the difference. With the 0.5 ml cartridge, you're just getting the mouthpiece sticking out the top there, so definitely stealthier than 1ml, and more protected as well. With the 0.3 mil cartridge, there is almost complete enclosure. It's still easy to access the mouthpiece, and you're not going to be struggling to do that whatsoever, but it's just a little bit more protected a little bit stealthier if that is something that's important to you.

New Button & Display

As I mentioned, you don’t have to hold the button down when you inhale, all you need to do is inhale and that's going to automatically turn it on, activate the atomizer, and you're going to get a hit. It’s that simple, just inhale and get a hit, and that's one of the main reasons that people really like these. When I say the Palm Pro is inhale activated and there's no buttons to use when you're inhaling, I kind of told a little bit of a fib. When you look at the original Palm, there's no buttons whatsoever, but on the top of the Palm Pro, you do find one single button as well as a display ,so this is quite a departure from the other model and it's going to give you a number of options to do with this new edition that you simply can't do with the original Palm.

Battery Indicator

The first new feature is the battery indicator. On the Palm, you don't know what your battery is, you just kind of have to guess whereas on the Pro, just a quick press of the button and it's going to show you the battery in either one, two or three, so in 33% increments you're going to know roughly where your battery is. You will now know if you need to charge the device before you leave the house rather than just always charging it or having to guess.

Variable Voltage, 3 Temperatures

The next thing you can do on the Palm Pro that you couldn’t on the Palm is adjust the voltage. On the original Palm, it's a one size fits all it as it just has the one temperature, while on the Pro, you get three different temperatures and changing between them is easy; all you have to do is just hold the button for a second so that's temperature 1, temperature 2, temperature 3 and it cycles back to temperature 1. Essentially, it's just a quick press for battery power and then a hold to change between the different levels. The low level is 2.8 volts and is designed for maximum flavour. The mid-level is 3.2 volts and that's supposed to be a well-balanced experience and then the high level is 3.6 volts and that's designed to deliver maximum vapour. I find temperature 1 is a little bit light and I found I was going mostly between temperature 2 and temperature 3 and when I want the thickest clouds possible, temperature 3 is definitely the choice you want to make.

Double Click To Pre-Heat

The last feature of this new button, and this might be my favourite, is that it gives you the ability to preheat your cartridge. To accomplish that, all you have to do is just double click that button and you're going to see all three lights illuminate and then they're going to kind of pulse and the 10 second preheat cycle is activated. Now, preheating is very handy because your cartridge inevitably will become clogged at some point, and you'll be just sucking it until you're feel like your eyes are going to pop out of your head. The solution is simple: a preheat. Just double click the button, and the 10 second preheat cycle will be activated. There’s a chance you might have to do this twice if your oil is really cold, really thick, or really sticky. You can do multiple cycles and if you ever want to stop during the preheat cycle, just inhale and it'll automatically go into normal use mode which ends the cycle. If your cartridge is super clogged, you might have to do multiple preheat cycles, but another alternative is to just take the cartridge and hold it in your hand for a couple minutes. If you get a little bit of heat on this from your hand, that's going to do a good job though not as good as the preheating; it’s just another technique to use if you have a really stubborn cartridge.

Adjustable Airflow From Wide Open To Closed Off

They've already crammed a number of upgrades into the Palm Pro but there's one more and this is a really cool one for me. They call this addition “airflow control” and when you look on the device, this mechanism turns all the way in either direction and that's going to shade between wide open and totally closed off airflow. Now, this is kind of working in conjunction with the temperature in terms of the vapour density and if you want the maximum density, you will want to close this off completely. We're just going to be moving the interface towards the body like this and if you want it totally open, go the total other direction. Essentially, this is going to do a couple things and the first is changing how it feels when you inhale, how free it is; I'll do one while it's totally open here. With it fully open, it feels like a reasonably open draw now and after going totally closed I found that's really like sucking on a milkshake. So, for me, I found right in the middle was ideal; I want a little bit of extra airflow in there, but I don't want it so much airflow that I'm getting more of a light vapour. One tip I found was that if my cartridge was really clogged, if I opened the airflow up all the way, it was way easier to get that initial pull through the cartridge rather than having it totally closed off. So, if your cartridge is clogged, go open don't go closed.

Incredibly Small & Portable, 500mAh Battery Life

After adding all these new features in, they couldn't keep it at the exact same size, the new Palm Pro is ever so slightly bigger than the Palm while still remaining ultra-portable. The dimensions on the Palm Pro are 2.6 inches high by 1.65 inches wide and then 0.53 inches deep so it really is super portable, and pocketable; you don't really notice a difference between the two models until you put them side by side now. On the Palm Pro you do get USB-C charging rather than micro-USB like you get on the Palm, so that's a much more modern solution and it still has that same 500 milliamp hour battery. 500 milliamp hours for something like 510 battery is a tonne and this will keep you vaping all day and then some. You'll probably go through your cartridge before you'll go through your battery, but it's USB-C anyways so it's going to be super-fast to charge up whenever you do need to.


In terms of my favorite things about the Palm Pro, all of the new upgraded features are awesome. I already really like the Palm, it's just such a functional, well thought out, useful battery that you can truly slide into your pocket and it's going to get you going all day long. Then on the new Palm Pro, you get upgraded to variable voltage where you have three different voltage levels. We love the battery indicator so you can actually see what your level is and then also the preheating ability which is super handy when your cartridge is clogged, which is going to happen at some point. I also like the ability to adjust the airflow, though I bet you'll probably be like me and once you find your perfect airflow, you'll just leave it there.


In terms of my least favorite things, I really don't have too many complaints; it's a very straightforward device and it works incredibly well. I would say the only thing I would want them to change is when it is preheating, I think it should be a little bit warmer. Sometimes I have to do two maybe even three preheat cycles if it's a very clogged situation, so I think if they made it a little warmer you wouldn't have those multiple cycles. But other than that, it's just a really straightforward, well-designed, well-made battery that includes a tonne of features that were missing from their last device that are now included.

Demo Session

I want to show you a few different examples of me taking hits in the video, currently I'm on temperature one and I'm going to go as wide open as you can with the airflow. I found the results were very wispy, but super flavorful with those settings, but keep in mind that it is as wide open and low temperature as we could try. Next, I'm going to go low temperature but I'm going to close the airflow for a denser vapour cloud. The results are still quite a light cloud, but as you can see, there is a difference between open airflow and totally closed airflow. Next, let's increase the temperature to level two and do kind of a similar thing with totally closed airflow now. The results were much denser vapour so we’re moving in the right direction. For the next step, let's go all the way to temperature three. Now when you do hit it with these settings, you can feel that it is very closed off, I would never use it like this but I'm trying to demonstrate what's possible at the highest temperature and the lowest airflow for the most stands favour. It definitely feels like a way thicker hit, so let's go ahead and open the airpath all the way so you can see the difference on temperature three with the final airflow option. There’s a chance that the cartridge is just warmed now, but that still felt pretty thick to me. Let's go right down the middle as far as airflow and see what we get on temperature three. These are my favourite results; the middle is way more interesting to me because it's not so restricted that I feel like I'm sucking a milkshake up, but it's not so open that it almost feels like it's too open. I am going to do one more hit here, I'm not going to totally close it off, I'm going to close it off and then pull it back just a little bit when it's completely closed off. I find if it's just too restricted it's uncomfortable to use and I want at least a little bit of airflow mixed in here. There you go, even backing it off just a little bit, it's not even much airflow that we added into the equation but doing that as compared to completely restricted it's just a total night and day difference.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I'm really impressed with the new CCELL Palm Pro every feature they added is a useful thing that I think I'll actually use. I like that it has adjustable airflow; even if you don't constantly adjust it, you will be able to find your optimized airflow. The option of having the three temperatures is such an improvement from the one temperature you got on the Palm, you can go with more flavour forward or more vapour forward depending on what you want. Finally, having the preheat means when you have those really clogged cartridges, you won't be busting an o-ring trying to get that thing going, just preheat it a little bit and it's going to work way better. So overall, it's not an expensive device it's a very useful device and I really like all the changes they made on this new CCELL Palm Pro.

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