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    Today we want to show you guys a whole new system for enjoying oils and distillates.  We’re going to discuss CCell cartridges, what exactly they are, why they’re amazing, how to fill them with oil, and how to use them with the matching CCell Palm battery vaporizer.   

    First, a little about the system itself.  What is an oil cartridge?  An oil cartridge is also commonly called a 510 cartridge, which is a standard threading type they all use, definitely a nice feature.  Essentially, this is a closed system to take your concentrate with you for on the go use in the smallest sized device possible.  The cartridge tanks come in multiple sizes with the three most popular being 0.3ml, 0.5ml, and 1ml. 

    These cartridges by CCell are actually refillable, and while we wouldn’t say they’re infinitely refillable, you can absolutely use them several times over and still get great performance, cloud size and vapour flavour.  The tank is made out of glass and comes in three different sizes, 0.3ml, 0.5ml, and 1ml.  There are two different types of round mouthpieces, wood and metal.  There are three different standard mouthpieces, either white or black ceramic or a red Cedar option.  They are designed to be filled with distillates but they can handle really thick oils as well.  CCell cartridges utilize ceramic heating elements.  According to their website, they use food and medical-grade materials and their tanks have no need for pre-heating to still vaporize every bit of your oil.  We can confirm, the performance is amazing. 

    To use a cartridge in the Palm you just screw the magnetic adapter on to the bottom of it and then snap the cartridge into place directly in the vaporizer.  This vaporizer can actually work with any 510 cartridge as long as it has bottom airflow, which is the most common type we’ve seen by far.  So now that you know the components let’s go over how you actually use this system.


    The CCell Cartridges are actually very easy to fill when you have the right tools.  For the review, we used a 0.5ml cartridge with the red Cedar mouthpiece.  The easiest way to get your concentrate from its container over into the cartridge is by using a glass syringe with a short blunt tip needle attached to it.  You can use the longer more traditional pointy syringes but you will end up with some concentrate getting stuck inside, and they are sharp and much more dangerous than the blunt tip needles.

    If your oil is particularly sticky or thick, or if it’s a bit cold, you’ll find it challenging to fill the cartridge.  There is a natural phenomenon about this known as the temperature dependence of liquid viscosity.  Basically, a liquid’s viscosity will decrease as its temperature increases.  Warming a liquid up makes it move more fluidly.  If your maple syrup is cold it won’t pour out of the bottle, but if you nuke it for a few seconds until it’s warm it will flow right out and all over your waffles. 

    We can use this principle to help our sticky concentrates ooze over into our cartridge more easily.  Holding the oil in the palm of your closed hand for ten minutes or so can sometimes be enough warmth to get it moving, or you can submerge it in a little hot water as long as the container is sealed.  We used a hair dryer on it for just a few seconds.  You really just want to warm it up a little bit to help it flow better, so don’t go overkill here.  We definitely do not, under any circumstances, recommend using your flamethrower to do this.  Ever.

    The cartridges are lightweight, so filling them can be a little tricky.  First, unscrew the mouthpiece and set it to the side.  Try to attach the cartridge to something that’s heavier or support it standing upright somehow.  We attached it to an old vape pen for stability.  Now place the needle tip down into the main body of the cartridge between the glass and metal centre post.  Don’t fill the very top hole, you wouldn’t be the first person to make this mistake. 

    At this point apply a little pressure to the plunger on the syringe to start filling the cartridge.  Go slowly here, again if your oil is really thick or not warmed for a lower viscosity you may find that it gets stuck in the upper section of the tank.  When it did this to us, we just applied a little heat with the hair dryer like mentioned before.  That helped the oil slip right down the inside of the cartridge.  Fill it up to about 80% and then remove the needle tip.  You can even get the last bit out of the tip if you just hold it with some pliers and warm it some, letting the remainder that’s in there flow out into the cartridge.

    Carefully screw the mouthpiece back on securely, but don’t overdo it.  The CCell cartridges have a leakproof design and you don’t need to apply a lot of torque to the mouthpiece for it to seal correctly.  Give it a little wipe down to clean off any oil that got on the outside.  Finally, screw on the magnetic adapter and you’re ready to use it with the Palm!  If you do decide to refill the tanks, just repeat this process.  It will get a little messier each time you refill it, though.


    So now that you know how to fill a cartridge, how do you actually use it?  With the Palm, it just can’t be any easier.  The cartridge slides in place and locks in with the strong screw-on magnets.  It’s not coming undone unless you really pull on it.  Once you’ve got the cartridge in there isn’t anything else to do but take a hit.  There are no buttons, no adjustments to make, no heat up, you simply inhale through the mouthpiece, activating the heater, and keep pulling for a few seconds to get a very nice cloud. 

    The vaporizer’s battery will last 200 to 250 hits before needing to be recharged, which is completely insane for a device this tiny.  Even with the largest 1ml cartridge locked in, the whole piece easily fits into the smallest of places, including that little 5th pocket on the front of a pair of blue jeans.  Vapes just don’t get much smaller than this.  Between the size, the low price, and the fact that it gives 200+ great hits, you can see the potential of this system is really mind-boggling.  We found it best to draw on it for two to four seconds and then inhale deep for a second or two.  The hits are super smooth, and even with a short one-second toke, you can still get a nice very visible cloud of vapour.


    If you don’t have easy access to distillates or oils there are ways to turn traditional concentrates like shatter or wax into a substance that can go into cartridges like this.  We haven’t thoroughly researched this yet, so we’re not going into it here, but hopefully, we’ll have more info to you soon about how to do this.


    So, what’s good about this whole setup?  Well, the first thing has to be the size.  It's so easy to sneak it with you anywhere you are going and you’ll barely even notice that it’s there.  A system like this really is an ultimate stealth device as not only is it small, but it heats up and produces vapour almost instantly.  There’s really no waiting time before you can take your hit. 

    The efficiency of these ceramic CCell atomizers and the way they function means you can fit an insane amount of hits into just one of these little tanks.  Realistically, if you have a 1ml tank and a fully charged battery you should easily get 200 good hits, and that is not an exaggeration.  You almost have to see it to believe it.  We don’t know of any other setup this size that can give off 200 hits without needing a refill or a recharge.  They are nice hits too.  They are always smooth even if they are big, and just one or two smaller ones is often enough to get your head right.  If you want you can hit them for five or six seconds and get some massive hits, though that’s not really recommended as it burns through your oil much faster. 


    What’s not ideal with a CCell setup?  If you don’t get good distillate then the flavour can be pretty much nonexistent.  Also, not everyone has easy access to distillates or oils at this point, which is absolutely fucking tragic.  We are researching different ways to convert concentrate into oils and as soon as we have good intel, we will pass it on.  Something else to be aware of, using concentrate produces different effects from using flower.  In this sense, the CCell system isn’t really a replacement so much as an addition to your other flower and oil vapes.


    This thing is such a leap forward that it almost leaves one feeling like a caveman discovering fire.  It’s amazing that such a compact vape, when it’s fully loaded with oil and fully charged, can provide literally hundreds of great hits.  It’s even more amazing that its tiny enough to fit in the smallest pocket and go with you everywhere.  The CCell setup gives awesome performance and peak efficiency in a tiny package at a low price… hard to not love that.

    It’s a very easy system to use.  There are no buttons or settings.  Simply inhale, that’s it.  These really are great systems for medicating as they give off potent and tasty vapour in an instant.  This piece can fill an important spot in anyone’s vape arsenal.  Like my American Express, I don’t leave home without it.

    The CCell Palms are very affordable at around $25USD.  You can get yours, as well as some cartridges to go with it, on either or  Shout out to Nathan over at for introducing us to this system, and if you’re looking for something that we don’t have, he very well may.

    The CCell Palm and Cartridges really have been an eye-opener.  Things sure have come a long way from the days of poking holes in a coke can to smoke a bowl, haven’t they?  And thank goodness for that!



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