CCell Rizo 510 Vape Battery Review The CCell Rizo is a feature rich, improved version of CCell's previous 510 battery options.


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Product Overview

We love solid, easy to use 510 cartridge vaporizers, and CCell just upped the game with their latest offering the Rizo. We’ve been enjoying CCell vapes for years, and their newest model, the Rizo, is the Cadillac of the 510 vaporizer game, no doubt. Let’s take a gander at what they’ve brought to the table this time around.

Battery Life

Like their Palm and Silo, the Rizo works easily with almost any 510 cartridge you could find. Using a smart connect magnet, your cartridge sits snugly in the enhanced Rizo that is now packing a whopping 300mAh battery to keep you vaping all day long with the one that you want. 

Rizo Size

The CCell Rizo is tiny and designed for your pocket measuring in with a miniature 62mm x 34mm x 15mm footprint. The body is made from a metal alloy that is sturdy and will last the life of the device. The Rizo also has a new LED battery indicator to provide information at a glance as well as a vibration motor that provides haptic feedback. This makes it even easier to use because you can now vape totally by feel. 

How To Use

The Rizo is activated by inhaling, there’s no need for a button or anything of the sort; just breathe in when you’re ready. We’re also glad to see an upgrade to USB-C charging but the new feature that really blows all other 510 vaporizers away is the voltage switch that lets you amp up the ferocity of your session, choosing from flavour or vapour production focused options, with a selected voltage of 2.8v or 3.3v. CCell is the goat, for sure of the 510 vaporizer game and the CCell Rizo is their best offering yet. For those of you hitting 510 cartridges on the go, there’s no better choice.

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