CCELL Sandwave Review - Compact 510 Battery

The CCELL Sandwave is a tiny, colourful battery with variable voltage and USB-C charging.


The CCELL Sandwave Proves Good Things Come in Small Packages

CCELL has been killing it with the new devices that they’ve been releasing lately, and they have a brand new one out called the Sandwave, and we decided to take it for a test spin.

Variable Voltage Battery

The CCELL Soundwave has a variable voltage battery that has three temperatures you can select from, and there is just a little switch up on the top where you can choose between low medium and high voltages and that directly relates to temperature. The low end is 2.8 volts, medium is 3.2 volts and then the high end is all the way up to 3.6 volts and that's going to help if you want more of a flavour focused experience. If you’re looking for a more vapour focused experience, for us, usually we have been going right in the middle but between medium and high and never on low; for me that's just way too light.

A Tiny Footprint That Is Easy To Stash

The Sandwave is a tiny little battery that measures in at under two and a half inches tall. If you place a standard a one-gram cartridge in the receptacle there is a little tiny bit of cartridge sticking out as well as the mouthpiece, so the design screams portability.
The Sandwave is made out of plastic rather than being made out of a metal body and it's covered in this silicone wave sort of a texture that has a really good grip to it, and it feels comfortable in your hand. The Sandwave takes up no room in your bag or pocket; you're honestly going to forget it's there most the time.
As with most CCELL Vapes, the Sandwave uses their proprietary magnetic adapters to drop in your cartridge, and it only takes a second to screw the magnetic adapter onto the bottom of your cartridge and then into the chamber it goes. CCELL provides you with a couple of the adapters in the package that’s super convenient as they are quite small.

Fast Charging and Over Inhale Protection

With its small size and the plastic build, the Sandwave is super light; it weighs just under 30 grams. On the Sandwave, you're also getting USB-C charging so it's going to charge up quickly. It has a 400-milliamp that will provide a substantial amount of hits per charge, and it also has “over inhale” protection built in, meaning that this will let you hit it for 10 seconds and no more to help you avoid burning your cartridge which can just completely ruins the flavour.

A Plethora of Colours Available

Alongside this cool look with the silicone texture, the Sandwave is also available in six colors which is the best kind of departure from the norm. There is pink, yellow, two different variations of green, lavender, as well as a black colour so there is a rainbow of different options to really customize it to your liking. You’ll also find that there is a see-through kind of peekaboo cartridge HUD which we like because then you can just look in the side window and see how much distillate you have left in your cartridge, just to know if you should switch out for a new one if you're going for a long trip. On the top of the Sandwave, it has a little LED indicator that is going to let you know when it is charged, when you're charging it, and it also comes on when you are inhaling. As this is an inhale activated system, there's no buttons or anything like that so all you're going to do when you want to have a hit is inhale and when you're done, stop; it really doesn't get any easier than that.

Thick Clouds, Small Package, Right Price

The Sandwave produces nice, big, thick, tasty hits just like any of CCELL's batteries so don't let that small size or even the lower price on this one fool you. This is a three-temperature variable voltage battery that is inhale activated with USB-C charging. You're getting a schwack of 510 battery capacity for a very small price, so we think CCELL has done a great job this new Sandwave.

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