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The Crafty+/Mighty Speed Loader is an ingenious way to get your flower loaded cleanly into your Crafty+ or Mighty vaporizer. Molded from smooth, perfectly contoured plastic in either white or black, it'll slide your flower into place with ease and without mess. The bowl area on these vapes can be tricky to load flower into, so the 4x increase in the bowl loading area of the Speed Loader is going to be appreciated by all Crafty+ and Mighty users.

The Speed Loader twists securely into place and while you're loading your flower into it you can still easily see the bowl of your vape, so you'll know when it's full. It’s also easy to remove flower if you overfill! After you're finished loading, just twist it off and to the races you go with a cleanly, fully packed vape.

For anyone who owns a Mighty or Crafty+ this is an essential tool. Make your life easier, cleaner, and keep those bowls packed tight with the Crafty+/Mighty Speed Loader.

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