Crafty+ / Mighty+ XL Rocket Stem

The XL Rocket Stem will dramatically cool down the vapour of your Crafty+ or Mighty+ - and look good doing it!


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Experience Serious Cooling On-The-Go

Get ready to be blown away by the extraordinary power and abundant vapour production of the Crafty+ and Mighty+ portable vaporizers. These incredible devices deliver some of the most voluminous and high-quality vapour available. However, we understand that the intense hit can sometimes leave you craving a cooler experience, especially when water isn't readily available on your travels. That's where the XL Rocket Stem for Crafty+ and Mighty+ comes in.

Unleash Cooling Power with Glass Beads

Designed with innovation in mind, the Rocket Stem offers substantial cooling in a compact form. With a built-in screen and easy maintenance, this stem incorporates clever glass beads that not only provide cooling but also help to trap any flower pieces, ensuring a smooth and clean vape session. Instead of hot vapour hitting your throat directly, it will pass through a screen and into the XL Rocket Stem, where it undergoes a cooling transformation.

A Visual Delight with Tri-Coloured Bead Design

Prepare to be mesmerized by the stunning array of red, green, and dark blue beads within the XL Rocket Stem. This one-of-a-kind design effectively disrupts the vapour's direct path, significantly cooling it down before it reaches your lips. As the vapour makes its journey through the glass beads, it absorbs heat, resulting in an even more enjoyable vaping experience. Plus, the beads are cleverly secured by glass pinches, ensuring they stay in place, no matter where you go.

Introducing the Ultimate Crafty+ or Mighty+ Stem

Measuring just over 4" tall, the Rocket Stem is the perfect travel companion, delivering exceptional cooling that surpasses what a regular straight stem of this length can provide. Whether you're embarking on an adventure with your Crafty+ or Mighty+, or even the original Crafty or Mighty vaporizer, the XL Rocket Stem is the ideal accessory to achieve a rich and flavourful vapour, all without the need for water.
Elevate your vaping experience with the XL Rocket Stem for Crafty+ or Mighty+. Your ticket to cool, satisfying hits wherever you roam.

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