Ditanium Review The Ditanium is a desktop vaporizer that works just as well for concentrate as it does for dry herb.


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The Ditanium heats up and is ready for use within about 30 seconds, ideally though, leave it for five minutes so the heat fully saturates the components. I have left mine on for a week straight and it wasn’t even slightly warm. It doesn’t feel sketchy to do this either, the device is solid for long-term use, like an appliance. Even if it falls on its side the heater is still isolated, which is ideal.

For both dry herb and concentrate, start with the dial at the 12 o’clock position. You’ll find your Ditanium works well with either substance, which is surprising. I got much better results with a good pack and a coarse or very fine grind seemed to work well. Loading it can be challenging, someone please make a loading station for the Ditanium. Fill it up about halfway, then tamp it down pretty good, I used a chopstick to do this. The tighter your pack is the thicker your hit will be.

Now place it on the titanium heater. You can heat treat it for a bit, if you’re doing combo hits I definitely recommend doing this, but it’s also fine to just place it on and inhale. It’s really tasty through the whip and the vapor cools down a lot because of its length. I’ve been using it through water 99% of the time, I just plug the titanium mouthpiece into a water piece and crank the Ditanium up a bit higher than normal. It pumps out massive hits that are incredibly smooth. The way it’s used in the video doesn’t result in very many hits per bowl but the extraction is complete, especially with stirring and repacking between loads. As long as the temperature wasn’t set too high we didn’t notice any hot spots.

For concentrate, the Ditanium works like a quartz and titanium e-nail. You may want to kick it up from 12 to the 2 o’clock position, then just hold the concentrate near the centre of the nail and let it melt down into the bowl. Be sure to inhale before you start melting it so you don’t lose any. If you want to do low-temp dabs you can use the optional carb cap, if you want to do a higher temp dab it will go up to 900F, so it can put out some real blasts.

Be careful not to let the concentrate splash around too much because it seems like it would be tough to clean out the inside if it gets dirty. Considering the size of some of the larger hits we’ve had on the Ditanium they are still super smooth and the vape is insanely efficient with your material. You can do little tiny dabs and if you’re inhaling when you start you will get the entire hit. The flavor isn’t colored by the whip like I was afraid it might be but there does seem to be a little loss of terps along the way.

Combo hits on this thing are crazy fun, fill up the handpiece like you normally would, then heat treat it for a minute or so. Now start inhaling and do your dab. Good shit, huh? We thought so too. For medicinal users or heavy-duty recreational vapers the combo hit will likely be an appealing proposition and it is definitely something I find myself doing on the weekends.

Whichever way you use your Ditanium, with dry herb, concentrate, or a combination, it will produce large volumes of tasty vapor and the effects will hit you hard. For those not seeking such intense effects, just turn down the temperature and take smaller draws. The temperature dial on the Ditanium gives you full temperature control, so mess with it and figure out what works best for you.

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I really dig the aesthetics of the Ditanium, it’s far more visually appealing than any other e-nail setup I’ve seen and it fits better with the average home décor. The build feels very solid, I really like the materials, and it is made in the USA which is nice. The heater design is similar to the Silver Surfer which is a proven technology and you can really leave it on for extended periods of time, this is incredibly convenient if you're forgetful for some strange reason…

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It is a really approachable way to do concentrates. The nail is ready to go whenever you are, no torches required. You can do small amounts very easily. For herb just pack it up, tamp it down, put it on and rip it. Even more convenient than a log vape, the Ditanium is always ready to go for concentrates as well as dry herbs. One thing to be mindful of, when it is loaded with herb and you want to do a dab you will be doing a combo unless you unload the dry herb first. So either do that or walk on the wild side and do the combo like I would!



For what the Ditanium brings to the table it is quite affordable. You get a quartz/titanium e-nail along with a convection dry herb setup that has the ability to easily do combo dabs. Considering the high quality materials it is made with and the fact that it’s manufactured in the USA, I think it’s pretty easy to recommend this one. If you hate whips our glass mouthpiece option is an excellent way to use the Ditanium.

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The approachability of the Ditanium is great, as much as some people love torches and bangers, for new users it can be a little intimidating in the beginning. The Ditanium allows you to use concentrate easily and in small amounts if you want to, all without that need for an open flame. The looks of the Ditanium will make it feel right at home on your coffee table or computer desk. There’s just a power cord coming out of it and unlike other e-nails it is very discrete with its natural wood or black design. The tasteful appearance was a great choice, not everyone wants their living room to look like a scene from Breaking Bad, na’am sayin’?!

The Ditanium is very convenient, the ability to leave it turned on for days at a time means you have access to hits of dry herb, concentrate, or BOTH, anytime you want. The Ditanium is also very safe, the nail isn’t exposed so the only way to burn yourself is by putting your hand inside or touching the glass after you take it off the vape. If it gets knocked over the hot element is still safely protected inside the wooden case, it’d only be dangerous if it somehow landed on top of something with the hot nail in direct contact. It’s definitely built with safety in mind. If you’re using the common open and exposed type of e-nail and it gets knocked over there is a significant fire risk. Advantage, Ditanium.


The sideways configuration of the heater means your herb can fall out, I recommend packing it down so that doesn’t happen, this can be a bit awkward at first. The dial indent should have a white line, I had to get really close to see the tiny black indent. It desperately needs a stand, when you take the glass off it’ll be hot for a minute so don’t set it down on something that’s not safe for heat. The whip can be dangerous, so practice safe whip management to not knock anything over. Place the whip in the pipe first, then place it on the Ditanium, not the other way around.



The Ditanium is a perfect answer for someone looking for a desktop vaporizer that can handle both herb and concentrate easily, or both at the same time. The design makes it much safer than a regular e-nail. The fact that you can leave it on for long periods and it won’t get hot makes it a very convenient vaporizer for the home. For heavy users or medical patients, the ability to do combo dabs will be very appealing as the strengths of the effects can be off the charts. I’m really enjoying the Ditanium and can see it supplanting some of my log vape use as I really like the herb/concentrate combo dabs and just doing small dabs throughout the day in general.

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