DrySpring Glass Cooling Stem - Product Demo The DrySpring vastly extends your airpath to give you extra cooling without running your vape through water.


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Cooler Vapor Without Water

While water is undoubtedly the best way to cool down your vapour, it’s not necessarily the most mobile-friendly conduit. When you’re using your vaporizer, chances are mobility is important to you, but you’ll still want to cool down that hot vapour. The DrySpring Glass Cooling Stem is a 100% glass piece that’ll make your hits more comfortable without sacrificing flavor or effects.

Purest Flavor

The DrySpring was designed specifically to be a handheld glass piece that cools down your vaporizer easily when you’re at home or on the go. As there is no water, purists will love the unadulterated flavour profile that’s substantially cooler than hitting your device dry. With an unfrosted 14mm female joint, the DrySpring will work with the widest range of water pipe adapters.

Increased Airpath For More Cooling

A good rule of thumb when considering dry cooling is that the longer the pathway, the longer it takes vapour to travel through it. That in combination with the increased surface area leads to a noticeably less harsh experience and is way cooler than taking a hit natively. To supplement that cooling, the DrySpring also features a carb hole which lets you either clear the coil, or leave it uncovered to add fresh air to your vapour mix to even further cool things down.

Comfortable Mouthpiece

The DrySpring is designed with a flumed mouthpiece that not only keeps your set up a comfortable distance from your face, but you’ll also have a great view of what’s happening in front of you. The feet make it easy to sit the glass upright while waiting for your next session (take your vape out first though).
More effective and compact than a J-Hook, the DrySpring Cooling Stem satisfies your need for cooling with a mobile waterless piece built with maximum compatibility and the best cooling to size ratio in mind.

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