DynaVap SlingStash - Product Demo The DynaVap SlingStash holds your favourite DynaVap and some flower in a durable, smell-proof case.


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An Easier Way To Carry & Use Your DynaVap

Introducing the new SlingStash from DynaVap, a discreet and portable solution for storing your favourite DynaVap vaporizer in a slim, easy to carry package. Crafted from machined aluminum tubing and secured with an overlapping silicone Sling, this SlingStash gives you the convenience of on-the-go usage or general storage at home, without worrying about dirt or debris getting into your device.

Integrated DeCapper & Built In Flower Storage

The SlingStash is more than just a case though, it also includes a number of features that make the whole DynaVap experience easier. The case includes an integrated DeCapper which provides easy one-handed device use in any situation. And don't worry about hearing it rattle – the SlingStash is designed to eliminate that sound entirely, adding discretion to every carry. The tight fit of the connections helps to keep the smell inside the SlingStash rather than your pocket, and the silicone cup will hold about 3-5 cycles worth of material, meaning you can not only bring your vape but also your flower with you in this single convenient storage container.

Works With Standard (92mm) & XL Stems

The SlingStash works with most DynaVap stems and setups as it has a removable silicone interior that allows it to work with XL devices like the OmniVap, but it is not recommended for glass DynaVap stems like the BB9 for example. 

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