DynaVap WoodWynd Interview w/George A fascinating interview with George from Dynavap, where he covers all aspects of the design and manufacturing process of the new WoodWynd.


An Insightful Hour With George From Dynavap

Join me LIVE with George from DynaVap to talk about DynaVap newest creation, The WoodWynd! The WoodWynd is the most beautiful device that DynaVap has made in some time (maybe ever!), and marks a return to wood after 2 long years. The WoodWynd is not only gorgeous with the XL length and slim hourglass profile, but it also brings forth a host of design improvements along with the looks. George will go into detail talking about the design and manufacturing of the new device, and offering fascinating insight that only he can supply.

The Ultimate DynaVap Wood Experience: The WoodWynd

We really appreciate the amount of sheer skill it takes to work with wood at a cursory level, and growing up with a woodworking artisan, we saw some pretty fancy wooden creations in our life. Needless to say, we were blown away by the engineering, sophistication, and gorgeous aesthetic in the amazingingly functional new WoodWynd from DynaVap, their first new wooden vape since the VonG. Looking good is great but is definitely secondary to performance and the WoodWynd impresses there as well, with improvements and upgrades across the board. DynaVap spent years developing this magnificent product so let’s see what the hullaballoo is all about. 

Sexy Shape Like a Cola Bottle from Tip to Helix Tip

This sexy vape has a longer, sleeker profile than the VonG with an hourglass shape that sits naturally and comfortably in your hand or between your fingers. The wooden stem has a stainless-steel crown on either end and is finished with a matching titanium triple helix mouthpiece, condenser and Helix Titanium Tip. The entire device now only requires one size of o-ring for secure assembly. The wood and metal are married together in sections in a fashion that you’ll have to see to believe. Shockingly, the WoodWynd is half the weight of the M+ at only 10g.

The WoodWynd Vaunts Improvements at Every Stage

Looking at the engineering of the device, with the stainless crowns and titanium parts, you have a precise connection on both ends, a very high-end feel. DynaVap shows some innovation here as well, directly interfacing the condenser with the mouthpiece to create a modular system without any o-rings that we’re excited to start experimenting with. The WoodWynd features the aforementioned Helix Tip with its built-in airports, that will provide optimum air flow, as well as delivering an incredible Adjust-a-Bowl system that’s easier to use than ever. Big news: for the first time since 2017, DynaVap is introducing a new CCD! This new titanium CCD has more perforations than before, providing as much air flow as possible.

Use With Water, No Adapter Needed

Like its predecessor, the WoodWynd fits natively in a 10mm female joint with no adapter necessary. You can truly grip it and rip it, take advantage of that open air flow, and pump some thick clouds through water. The design is so intentional, that even the mouthpiece serves additional functions like CCD insertion to ensure you won’t need any additional tools to use or maintain this device. How often can you say that? The one size of o-rings continues this devotion to incredible design that even boasts mirrored triple helix designs on the tip and mouthpiece.

What can we say, we really appreciate a good product. If you’re a cloud chaser or just a discerning vaper, you’ll appreciate all of what the WoodWynd brings to the table. We honestly can’t think of a use case this won’t satisfy and we are getting a tonne of use out of ours.

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