Freight Train Pro Engine Review The Freight Train Pro couples a massive power reserve with truly free airflow for an immensely powerful desktop vaporizer experience.


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➡️ The Freight Train from Old Head Trading Company is one of the best ball style/injector vapes on the market and has been one of my most used for some time. The brand new Pro Engine improves upon the overall offering and takes the experience off the rails…in a good way!

➡️Injector vapes are becoming a super popular segment of the market and growing rapidly. Many people consider them to be ‘end game’ devices that deliver full convection, on demand action that will milk up your piece in mere seconds. They can be left on all day and turned on/off via a smart plug which further enhances their convenience. Come find out if the new Freight Train Pro Engine is right for you!

➡️ Where the Flower Engine Starter Kit is a great entry point into the high-power desktop vaporizer market, both in price, and in that the familiar resistance tuned into the engine provides a familiar consumption experience that is hard to 'overdrive' (that is to say you generally would never find it over powering) - the Pro Kit is the answer for the pros that have put in the hours and pretty much vape exclusively.

➡️ As such, the Pro is tuned to create as little resistance as possible, which allows for maximum airflow. The increased throughput also means it's much easier to find yourself overpowered if you're not careful, which is why it's for the pros! 

➡️ It's also got the included & pre-installed coil guard and also includes the all-new oak and titanium Pro Stand (instead of the basic stainless steel stand that comes with the other 'starter' kits) - which I think provides a much nicer/more-comfortable home setup/experience.

Have you used a ball/injector vape before? Let me know in the comments section!

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