MiniNail Flower Wand Glass vs Titanium Bowl The MiniNail Flower Wand offers a Glass or Titanium Bowl - which one is right for you?


Titanium or Glass Bowl for the MiniNail Flower Wand

The MiniNail Flower Wand is one of our most often used injector style vapes; we love how wide open the airflow is and then it also has a massive power reserve that can give you the thickest hits possible in only a couple seconds. When we first got our Flower Wand, it came with a Titanium Bowl, and while we've been a huge fan of the Titanium Bowl, now there is a new Glass Bowl option which we’re super happy to see it. After using both of these bowls a lot, we want to go over each of them so you can compare and contrast the differences between the two and figure out which one is going to be the best choice for you.

Both Bowls are Preheat Friendly

Both of the bowls work in a very similar fashion: you're going to load your flower and then your MiniNail Flower Wand is going to sit right on top. As the Wand sits in the Glass Bowl, you can preheat your load just like you can with the Titanium Bowl. It’s comforting to see preheating available with this Glass Bowl, of course you can do this with the Titanium Bowl as well, and we do like to preheat our Bowl at least a little bit when looking for that extra big hit.

Permanent Screens? Check!

With both varieties of the Bowl, you get a permanent screen. In the Glass Bowl, it's a permanent glass screen and in the Titanium Bowl, it's a permanent titanium screen, not just clever names. The titanium screen is removable for cleaning, and we experienced it popping out while cleaning it unintentionally, but after some fiddling, we seem to have it really lodged in there currently and it hasn't come out in a long time, which is the desired effect. The permanent glass screen in the Glass Bowl has seven holes, while the titanium screen has seventeen, giving the Titanium screen better air flow.

Titanium With the Best Airflow

When we inhaled through each of these bowls, there were minimal differences. With the Titanium, the airflow is pretty much completely free and then with the Glass, the airflow is very free but slightly more restricted than the Titanium. So, if max airflow is what you're after, Titanium is the way to go but I wouldn't consider the Glass one restricted in any way. The Glass Bowl probably feels exactly what you're used to using, but the Titanium one is just extremely free flowing.

On the side of the Glass Bowl, there is a small but appropriately sized pull handle and it’s handy, when you want to pull the Bowl out to clear your water piece. Again, you do get that on the Titanium Bowl as well. Both the Titanium and the Glass Bowl have a substantial capacity; if you're looking for a big hit you can really load these Bowls up to get exactly that. The Glass Bowl will only work with the nearly ubiquitous 14mm female joint; pretty much all of our water pieces are 14mm female. In this case, the Titanium Bowl will work with a 10, 14 or 18mm female piece and it'll work with some male pieces as well. So, in terms of versatility in what water pieces it will work with, Titanium definitely gets the nod.

Now that we've discussed the bowls, let's talk about why you might want to choose the Glass over the Titanium or vice versa. One of the things that we love about the Glass is that you can see the vaporization process as it happens. Not only is that really fun but it also gives you a little bit of useful feedback, especially if you're new with the Flower Wand. We found the Glass Bowl easier to clean; the Titanium does come very clean and ISO but not as clean as the Glass and definitely not as easily as the Glass.

The Comparative Points

In general, people really like using glass and there's a few different reasons. Number one, it's inert so it's not going to add or remove any flavour from your flower and because glass is non-porous, it's super easy to clean the Glass Bowl back to a brand-new state. It doesn't matter how dirty you get it, a quick shake in isopropyl alcohol will usually work, but let it soak if it's super dirty and then this piece is going to look like this brand new. This is a really well-made glass piece, but of course it's glass so it can break if you drop it, but it's reasonably thick and the screen is fastened in there quite well at the bottom. The Titanium, on the other hand, is almost impossible to break unless you're really trying to do so. If you're kind of clumsy, Titanium is going to be the better choice for you. Also, because the Titanium screen has more holes and they're a little bit bigger, you do get superior airflow with the Titanium Bowl, but again we don't really find it restricted with the Glass; you really only notice them if you're going back and forth between the two.

Finally, the Titanium Bowl is going to be a better choice for versatility. If you have a lot of different water pieces that you're using with your Flower Wand, the Titanium Bowl is going to let you go between your different options whereas the Glass one will need an adapter if your secondary water pieces aren’t 14mm female.

Similar Usability with Defining Nuances Leaves the Choice in Your Hands

So as you can, see the two bowls are quite different but at the end of the day, they're going to do the same job, it just depends which attributes are most important to you and that's probably the direction you're going to lean to. We really like the Glass Bowl for the purity, and the ability to see the vaporization process; we prefer to see it rather than it being hidden. For the Titanium one, we like the durability and the airflow. The versatility of the Titanium Bowl doesn't matter to us, but it might be really important for you, and that might be a factor why you might like Titanium over Glass.

We ran a few tests with both bowls and with the Glass Bowl, it seems like the engine itself sits a little closer to the flower, so if you're using the Glass, you might turn your temperature down just a little bit as compared to using the Titanium Bowl. But overall, these are two really good options, and you can't go wrong either way and ideally, you'll get a chance to try both so you can see which one that you really prefer.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky; we'll see you next time.

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