Pax Era Review - Best Pod Vaporizer An ultra convenient inhale activated pod vaporizer with 50% bigger hits and automated anti-clog technology.


Hey hey kids, it’s Sneaky Pete and this will be a quick look at the new Pax Era, and although I truly love this vaporizer, it looks very similar to the Pax Era Life with just a new set of colours. However, the Pax Era does have two new features that are going to be well appreciated by any user of the system, whether new or experienced.

Pax Pods > 510 Cartridges (Usually)

So, you might as well be asking yourself, “what exactly is the Pax Era?” Well, it can be most easily described as a pod vaporizer system that has a use case similar to a 510 cartridge vaporizer except that rather than using 510 compatible cartridges, you're using Pax's proprietary pods. I would argue that the branded pods that Pax uses are better than standard 510 cartridges both in the flavour and the overall effects. Experience wise, I find that if I take a few really solid draws on a Pax Era, I feel effects much closer to a dab when compared to using 510 cartridges filled with distillate where I find that I definitely feel something, but just not nearly as much as with the Pax pods for some reason.

Wide Variety Of Pods Available…Depending On Where You Live

The pods come in a wide variety of strains and if you live somewhere where cannabis is legal and if you can actually locate them, you’ll find that the Pax pods are made with the highest of food grade materials and are tested to medical standards. If you buy these pods, you’re not going to find any heavy metals, toxins, contaminants or anything of that nature and this pod technology does a great job at vaporizing the oil without getting it too hot or burning the oil in your cartridge.

Don't Go Too Long & Let It Cool Between Hits

One thing that’s mentionable but not impactful, although Pax boasts about never burning the atomizer, I find that if you're doing long draws at the highest temperature (3) you can definitely get a sense of that crispiness caused by atomizer burn. I haven't had it burn an atomizer to the point where I'm getting that level of damage if I go to a lower temperature, but just be aware there is a certain limit of how hard you should hit a Pax Era and if you're utilizing it at the higher temperatures, don't do long, extended draws and let it cool down in between them.

Micro USB Charging, 150 Puffs Per Charge

As apparent if you compare the Pax Era beside the Pax Era Life, they're virtually identical. Both devices are charged (sadly) with micro-USB rather than USB-C and they're both rated for 150 puffs. Pax considers 150 puffs to be 40 to 50 sessions, so they stipulate a session as three puffs, but regardless, 150 hits per charge is a ton of battery and use.

Stripped Down To The Basics

If you compare the Pax Era with the Pax Era Pro, you’ll immediately notice that the Pro is considerably larger, but that increase in size come with an extra 100 puffs per battery cycle than the Era. The Pro also houses a vibration motor, Bluetooth and all that fancy stuff, so with the Era, you’re getting a much more stripped-down, fundamental system. Essentially, what you get is the battery and then the ability to select four different temperatures. As is standard with Pax, all of the information is communicated via the little Pax logo on the front of the device and the new Pax Era comes in either a green, pink, blue or a black option.

Incredibly Easy To Use

Using the Pax Era really couldn't be any easier; all that you need to do is grab one of the proprietary pods and insert it into the device. The Pax logo is then going to flash to display your current battery level and then then the device will communicate what temperature you have it set to. The Pax Era offers four temperature settings and to cycle between them, just pop the pod partly out, and click it; you don't have to remove the pod fully, you're just going jig it in and out and the Era will rotate between the temperatures.

Select From 1 Of 4 Temperatures

Once you have the Pax Era set to the temperature you desire, push the pod all the way in and the temperature will then be locked in as well. From that point and moving forward, as you take empty pods out and replace them with new ones, the device will still be set to the previous temperature, so essentially your preferred settings are going to continue from pod to pod as you're changing them up with no additional effort from you.

Inhale Activated, No Buttons Required

As the Pax Era is an inhale activated device, i.e., there's no button needed to activate your ability to inhale, as long as your Era is charged, you're ready to go; you don’t need anything else. Really, all you need to do is inhale. In our experiences, we found that it's better to do a nice slow inhale than a really fast one, and that the Era spews out vapour even at temperature two (the mid temp) and also, after you do a hit, it will also show you your battery level by flashing a specific number of times to indicate how much battery is left.

50% Bigger Hits

To this point, we’ve looked at a nice device that is easy to enjoy, but why is this an upgrade from the last version? It’s simple, there was two features that Pax added to the new Era that everyone's going to like, and the first one that was happily enjoyed was a substantially larger output. The new Pax Era is supposed to get 50% bigger clouds than its predecessor and that is super noticeable. Honestly, in our testing, we found that it's pretty easy to see that you get a way more substantial hit from the Pax Era at temperature 2 than from the Pax Era Pro at the same setting and that was a nice surprise.

Automatic Anti-Clog Technology

The next new feature on the Pax Era may even be more impactful than the huge clouds for the average user and that’s the addition of anti-clog technology. Essentially, distillate is an oil, and it will get everywhere it can and through both use and unuse, it will become thicker and more viscous and that can result in clogs that will render your cartridges useless. Not anymore, son. The new Pax Era has this genius automatic clog busting technology that is incredibly easy to use; almost too easy. If for some reason you do have a clogged pod, all that you’ll need to do is to remove the pod completely and then plug it back in. After the animation on the device has completed, the clog will have been automatically cleared.

No More Clogged Pods - Automatically

Now, the really bizarre thing is that because of the proactive clog protection, we haven't run into any clogged cartridges so we haven’t been able to test anti-clog but what I can say is I did rescue a super old cartridge that was so completely clogged that I could not use it anymore. Any pod we’ve used with the Era automatically clears any potential clogs as it goes, so it seems like they have reduced if not completely eliminated the clogging issue which is a major win.

Bigger Hits & Anti-Clog Are Appreciated Enhancements

Overall, the two changes on the Pax Era are really appreciated and immediately the quality-of-life improvements are notable and substantial. You get significantly larger hits at the lower temperatures and the new automatic anti-clog technology is a lifesaver as it not only did upkeep on the cartridges that we’re using, but a few we had given up on too.  The Pax Era is a stripped down and basic device compared to the Pax Era Pro and if you compare it to the Pax Era Life, although it looks very similar, with those two major add-ons, there’s definitely an advantage to pick one up. If you're looking for an alternative to 510 cartridges, we would definitely suggest one of these. With features like auto-inhale activation, instant-on, tons of battery life, and no real smell, it really does make for the ultimate sort of primary stealth device.

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