PAX Mini Review - Perfect For Beginners The beauty of the PAX Mini lies in its simplicity, flower vaping really doesn't get any easier than this.


The All New Pax Mini

Hey guys, it's Sneaky Pete here and this is my review on the new Pax Mini. A bit of an odd first impression, the Mini took me a minute to really wrap my head around. When I first used it, I was a little bit underwhelmed but once I got to know it got to understand the device and what it's intended to do, the Pax Mini has been one of my most used on-the-go flower devices lately and I really like the improvements they’ve made over their last iteration. The Pax Mini is the smallest Pax device yet; if you use the included flat mouthpiece, it measures just over three and a half inches tall. If you use the raised mouthpiece instead, which is also included and I prefer, it’s about four inches tall, a very compact device.

Solid Build Quality

The Pax Mini still has a metal body and the same quality build that you've come to know and expect with Pax, but with a more straightforward design that’s harder to make mistakes with. You will be missing out on fancy features like flashing lights, or a vibration motor, this is a meat and potatoes device that’s incredibly functional. The Pax Mini’s package includes the device itself, the raised mouthpiece, and a flat mouthpiece as well; take your pick on which one of them you like better. It also includes a charger, and Pax uses a proprietary charger so keep that in mind. The charger itself is great, it attaches to your Pax with magnets and finally, the box includes a little maintenance kit that is going to be helpful for cleaning the device.

2+ Hours Of Battery Life

Even though the Pax Mini is really small and super portable, you're still going to get at least two hours of battery life from it and that’s really impressive battery life for something of this size. Pax tends to use proprietary chargers and the Mini uses one as well. The other end of the cable is a standard USB, a so theoretically you can charge this with a USB power bank on the go, you just need to have this cable with you. I would really have liked to see micro-USB or especially USB-C connectivity on the Mini as they’re closer to a ubiquitous charging cable and with the Mini in current state, you need the specific cable if you want to charge it on the go.

22 Second Heat Up Time

Although it does not deliver on-demand vapour, the Pax Mini heats up in only 22 seconds. As far as I’m concerned, this is totally acceptable for a session style vaporizer and when it is at temperature, it's going to be producing vapour right away. Unlike many other Pax gear, the Mini doesn't have a vibration motor so you won’t be alerted by vibration when it's at temperature, the lights are simply going to turn from purple to green.

The Easiest Vaporizer To Use…Ever

I always like to do a walk through when we take a look at these devices, and when we talk about the Pax Mini, this is going to be my shortest, most straightforward “how to” section I’ve ever done, because there's only one button and one single temperature. The Pax Mini is designed to be the most straight forward flower vape that you have ever used; you have no choices to make other than to turn it on or to turn it off. When I first realized this was the case, I was like, “there's no temperatures, what do you mean?” but it has been designed so that like most modern computer peripherals, it's just plug and play. The Pax Mini is designed to be at an optimal temperature to vaporize flower, so there is no need to think or worry about it, simply turn it on and it's going to be at the proper temperature to take care of business. When I take the mouthpiece off you can see that when you look at the top of the device, that “X” on the Pax Mini is your button. You can take either the raised mouthpiece or the flat mouthpiece, and by pressing directly at the top in the center that will turn the device on. When you turn the device on, the lights turn purple and then when it's reached vaporizing temperature, the lights are going to turn green and that's literally all there is to use the device. When you are ready to turn the Mini off, press the button again and it turns off; it really is that simple.

Fill And Pack Oven For Best Results

Next, there are definitely best practices when it comes to filling the Pax Mini. When we look at the bottom of the device, there’s a magnetic door that flips up and you’ll find the oven, aka that's where you're going to load your weed. When you look at the oven, you're going to notice that it's quite shallow and the shallowness is intentional. I consider this a single session kind of an oven. Ensure that you want to load the oven to capacity and follow that up pressing it down with your finger. This is a conduction vaporizer not a convection vape, so you won’t want a light airy pack, you want a hard, dense pack. I get the best results when I load the oven to capacity. After the flower reaches the edge of the oven, I take my finger and I press it down along the edges to compress it, and then put my magnetic lid back on to hold it in place and it’s definitely secure. Now, you’ll find that it's going to vaporize the best when you have a dense pack as well as keeping your oven lid clean. Also, the device won't get nearly as grungy when there's a little bit of space between the flower and the lid itself.

PAX Mini Demo Session

If you happen to check out the video, you’ll see me enjoy a demo session with the Pax Mini. I demonstrate how it performs with a full oven when you have the raised mouthpiece on. I didn’t find it as easy to do with the raised, but with the flat mouthpiece, it's super easy to load as all you have to do is hold the device upside down and add your dried flower. I always want to have my best tools to test new products, so I have my Herb Ripper grinder and my Simrell Scoopy Scoop ready to grind up, measure up and tamp the load into the oven. I just love my Scoopy Scoop, but it’s partially because I love the fun name. In my experimentation, I found that it's about one and a half scoops to fill it appropriately so that fills the oven slightly over the edge, and then you would go ahead and pack that in the bowl using a finger. Now that it is packed down, give the Mini a little smack in the flower so it drops in fully and then pressing it down because with conduction vaporization, it's going to be way more effective when you have that density. If you pack it right, you’ll know, because if you turn it upside down, only a couple little crumbles fall out. If you find your oven empties itself when turned, you probably need to pack it tighter. After the button is pressed and the oven initiated, it takes about 22 seconds to heat up and wait for the lights to turn from purple to green and then go ahead and inhale. I’ve tried both of the mouthpieces and I prefer the raised mouthpiece. While I did use the flat mouthpiece for quite a while, once I switched to the raised one, I found I preferred it more in every aspect except for loading. Once the lights have changed to green, you can go to go ahead and inhale nice and lightly; it's a sipper, not a ripper.

PAX Mini Vapour Quality & Quantity

Without question, the Pax Mini puts out decent vapour. Although you aren’t able to increase the temperature, the fixed setting is fully capable of producing consistent, effective results. I found the vapour to be quite tasty, thick, tongue coating terpy sort of flavour but very tasty and there’s no colouring whatsoever from the vaporization; that’s ideal. The hits I enjoyed were really smooth and if I had to guess what temperature the Mini is set to, I would guess around 370 degrees Fahrenheit or so. If I had to guess further, whether it was lower or higher than that, I would probably say lower rather than higher, but that's just my guess. The temperature that Pax chose seems super deliberate, it’s just right. If it was too high, some people complain that it was burning their throats, or that they didn't have an option turn it down and then it wouldn't appeal to that user base, so this seems like a safe choice that everyone can enjoy, some might just need a couple more hits. If you watch the video, when I demo the product, you can see that it produces a reasonable amount of vapour. While this isn't going to be the thickest cloud outputting device you've ever used, it's definitely not going to match a ball vape or a volcano, that’s not what it is designed to do, it's designed to be a session style vaporizer. When you have a nice, comfortable temperature, you're not going to find the vapour too hot, you'll find it too cool if anything, and to get the best effects, you will want to hit the Mini slowly: it is not a ripper it is a sipper to the extreme.

Raised Mouthpiece Is My Favourite

I found that I did get better overall results with the raised mouthpiece. With most raised mouthpieces, I find they can get too hot for your lips, but not with the Pax Mini. It doesn't get too hot in any way and instead, it's very comfortable to inhale with and I find to get better airflow because of that. Being that you are using a conduction device, you're going to get reasonably strong effects. I find after a full session, it gets me to where I want to be, but one or two hits isn't going to be enough. I’d argue that the flavour is good not great; it's not bad in any way it's just not that massive overpowering convection sort of flavor you can get. Sometimes I found that I tasted the strain like you're supposed to, but it just doesn't have the intensity that you get with a full convection system.

Smooth & Cool Vapour

One thing I really appreciate about the Pax Mini is how smooth the vapour is. If I'm hitting my Mighty+ or my Crafty+, after a few hits it's a little harsh, not in a fully bad way, but there's just so much vapour, coughs are bound to happen. With the Mini, I'm not seeing nor feeling those coughs. I find that I can do the full session start to finish, and barely even need a drink to quench. The Pax Mini is a very smooth and cool vaporizer that's still going to give you nice effects as long as you're going to complete a full session. The Pax Mini gets a mid-grade for efficiency. While it has a reasonably small oven that doesn’t need a whole lot of flower in it, you can get a nice fulfilling session, it's just not going to get your ABV super dark. The ABV you will end up with is going to be on the dark green or light brown side, it's never going to reach that heavy brown, but there’s nothing wrong with that. If you do like to make edibles with your ABV, this result is probably absolutely ideal, but you just can't vaporize as much as you could with a device where you could raise the temperature.

New 3D Oven Screen Is Way Better

I haven't had to do any maintenance on my Mini whatsoever since I received it and it still works completely fine, but you are going to need to maintain it over time. Pax has enhanced the screen by making it easier to get the screen out of the bowl and all you need to do is press on the very side of the screen with a small tool. After that, it kind of pops up and is accessible for any cleaning you’ll need to do. Next, you're going to clean that with isopropyl alcohol, and you can do the same with the mouthpiece. Finally, the tube that goes all the way through will need to be cleaned out with a pipe cleaner dipped in ISO. It is not a super heavy duty maintenance necessary device and the fact that they've made this screen so much easier to pop out is going to make it that much easier to maintain.

PAX Mini Pros

The Pax Mini has several strong points. First, it is so easy to use that you’ll barely believe it. There is only one button, no temperature settings, really nothing to do other than turn it on or turn it off. This is the style of vaporizer that's perfect for a first timer or somebody who doesn't want to be screwing around and have to dial something in. Sometimes, devices have an abundance of choices and settings and the Pax Mini strips that down completely. Turn it on or turn it off, it's up to you, but those are the only options Pax made available and they nailed it.
I love how portable the Mini is and the battery life that you get is better than expected. It heats up in only 22 seconds and you're getting two hours of battery which is a ton of battery for something that's very portable. If you dissected the Pax Mini, it's going to be basically a battery, wrapped with electronics. If the aim was designing an easy-to-use device that is as small as you can possibly find, they've achieved it with the Pax Mini. 
Also, I believe the changes they've made with the oven are the right ones; I like this shallow oven. I don't think you necessarily need that large of an oven on a device like this because I find I’m changing it out more often and having better sessions and that’s a good thing. It's so easy to get the screen out to maintain it that you really don't have any reason not as compared to many other harder to clean devices.

PAX Mini Cons

So, how about the weak points? Well, if you don't like the temperature the Mini comes set to, you just might not like the device, period. There is no low or high setting, just the one temperature. The only option the user has is how you decide to inhale through it and also how densely you pack it. If you pack it tight, you get better vapour while inhaling more slowly provides thicker vapour. But realistically, if you're a cloud chaser that's looking to turn it up to 11 and blow out super thick clouds, then it just isn't going to be the device for you. 
Finally, while it's stealthy in terms of the size and how long it can go between charges, it's a little stanky. For some reason, Pax is one of the only few devices that I find smell, just in general. It may be because of the magnetic closure; I find it's less noticeable on the Mini than on my Pax 3 but when the Mini is dirty and it's sitting in a room, it tends to have a little bit of an odour emanating from it.

The Perfect Vaporizer For Beginners

Overall, I have to say that I am truly enjoying my Pax Mini. Although it took me a minute to get used to the vapour and the technique, I figured out how to maximize my output, and once you do get used to it, the session you’ll end up with is very satisfying and is never harsh, nor does it make you cough. I think this is a perfect choice for somebody who's new to cannabis vaporizing and wants a dead simple to use device that has a minimum of a learning curve and won’t provide galactically altering effects. I would argue that the Pax Mini is a perfect “introduction to dry herb vaporizing” type of device. That completes my review on the new Pax Mini. The Mini is a very interesting vaporizer, one that's perfect for beginners but also just a super easy to use, portable device. Thanks for reading; keep it green, keep it sneaky, and we'll see you next time.

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