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    The PCKT ONE Plus is a cartridge vaporizer that works with any 510 cart under 11.5mm in diameter, like their SPRK cartridge or the ever popular CCells.  One of my favourite things about the ONE Plus is its dual function ability.  It can work by either button activation or as an auto-draw by simply inhaling on the tip, which is an awesome approach to vaping concentrates.


    The PCKT ONE Plus comes in seven vivid colours.  It includes a USB charging cable, as is tradition, plus two magnetic adapters that let you use other carts besides theirs.  The SPRK cartridges are magnetic, but screw-on adapters fit different cart sizes including CCells if you’d rather use those.

Charging & Prep for First Use

    Always charge a new vape to full.  A red light on the bottom of the vape means it's charging, and green means it's 100%.  The ONE Plus does have passthrough ability if you need it.  The SPRK carts refill like CCells, and they can be used several times but not dozens.  Just warm up your distillate (I use a hair dryer) and fill up your cart.  Let it sit for a few hours afterwards so your oil soaks into the SPRK’s twin ceramic heating cores.  These things really pump out clouds and the SPRK cart can hit hard.  And again, since they have a magnetic tip the SPRK carts just pop securely into the ONE Plus body, no need for a little screw-on piece to mess with.


    The vape's body is machined from a block of solid aluminium and is available in several vivid colours.  You can tell when you hold it that it’s a very solid device.  It is somewhat bigger than a CCell Palm and feels well made.  Cartridges sit completely within the vape’s body, protecting them on all sides.  There is one single button to control everything, and it’s powered by two batteries at 660mAh for long battery life.

How To Use

    The PCKT ONE Plus turns on or off with 5 clicks.  If it’s going to be in your pocket or bag for a while, make sure it’s off or your backpack might start vaping.  Three different temps are available with a double-click.  Blue is low (3.7W), orange is medium (4.3W) and red is high (5.1W).  Controlling the power level is a nice change from other concentrate vapes. 

    It also has both auto-draw and button activation.  Switch between them by holding the button for a second until the light flashes through the different colours.  Button activation lets you pre-warm your oil and control how warm that oil gets, all by just pressing your finger.  It’s not a matter of how hard you can inhale.  Get light and long hits or short and thick rips, the PCKT ONE Plus easily does both with button mode. 

    Tap the button and the light will indicate battery level.  Hold down the button and it’ll flash through the colours.  This means it’s ready to hit, but you can give it an extra second if you want more vapour.  At this point, the PCKT ONE will vape nice and easy with no need for a hard draw.  I prefer button mode because you don’t need to prime the cart and can easily get any hit size you want.

Vapour Quality (Taste, Smoothness, Size)/Draw Resistance

    The system is a controlled battery that powers a concentrate-filled cartridge, so the cartridge plays a huge part in how good the vapour is.  With the PCKT system, you get the vapour quality of a CCell but more controllability and power.  The SPRK Cartridges are magnetized on the business end so you don’t have to mess with any little screw-on pieces.  They’re built well, like the ONE Plus, and they’ll last at least a few refills if you use distillate.

    The flavour from the SPRK Carts is nice and pure.  I also find that the clean taste lasts for more refills versus the CCell TH2 cartridge which starts to lose its taste after just the second refill.  The button activation and high power can give you as large a hit as you want.  Inhale-activated hits aren’t as dense.  Personally, I use it on temp 2 with button mode.  Between the dual ceramic heating cores and powerful battery, priming is rarely needed.


    It is about $60US and $80CAD, which is more expensive than a Palm or Silo, but it also has more power and capabilities that are worth the extra money.  The unibody design, extra button capabilities, adjustable power levels and huge battery all make the ONE Plus stand apart.  You can really feel the difference holding the ONE Plus in your hand compared to a Silo or Palm.  It’s a bigger, more powerful vape.  It even has a 1-year warranty – not something many other cartridge vapes can say.


    After starting with inhale-activated vapes I prefer the button operated style now.  The draw is more consistent and predictable.  There’s no waiting for the cart to “kick in”.  It’s also great to not need to prime.  I love the looks of the PCKT ONE Plus.  It’s simple and feels like a quality piece of gear in your hand.  I also like that it protects the cartridge on all sides and that it’s adaptable to work with different sized carts from different manufacturers. 

    The simplicity and effectiveness of a cartridge system can’t be overstated.  The vape and cart together are tiny and fit in any pocket.  Despite the size, cart systems still give their owners many, many hits and have long battery life.  At 660mAh, you’ll probably need to refill your cartridge before you need to recharge your PCKT ONE Plus.


    The magnetic connection isn’t as strong as a CCell’s.  It holds pretty well, but it’s still possible to shake the vape hard enough to disconnect the cart and there is some noticeable rattling.  Also, the SPRK Cart’s mouthpiece is wide, so it’ll occasionally need cleaning.

Overall Thoughts

    The PCKT ONE Plus is a step up in the cartridge vape experience.  The colours look great on the aluminium unibody.  It has impressive battery life and can use different sized carts from different brands.  Plus, it can work by either inhale activation or button power.  Having both options is great.

    It’s more expensive than other cartridge vapes, but it’s also more powerful and has more features.  After spending a while with the PCKT ONE Plus, I’m reaching for it more than my other cartridge vapes these days.  The flavour is fantastic and I like dialing in the temp I want.

    The PCKT ONE Plus Vaporizer and SPRK Cartridge can be yours from either sneakypetestore.com or vapenorth.ca.


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