Sneaky Pete Globe - Flat Earth Edition The Flat Earth Edition brings a huge stability upgrade to the Sneaky Pete Globe - and it's blue!


Stable, Voluminous and Now Blue!

We remember when we released the original Sneaky Pete Globe, years ago.  Simpler times, indeed. With the hustle and bustle of either working from home or probably spending more time in it, stability goes a long way and with the upgraded blue Flat Earth Edition of the Sneaky Pete Globe takes one of our most beloved products and improves it with a wide stable base and all blue everything.

Ultra-Compatible and Includes Whip

Retaining its small footprint and profile, you’ll feel secure knowing your traditional 14mm water pipe sits nice and soundly on your cabinet. The blue base and accessories have been a hit with the rest of our line, and we’re sure you’ll love them here, too.  Even the whip and mouthpiece are blue, how cool is that?

A Fun Update to A Legendary Water Piece

The Globe holds the perfect amount of water to hydrate your vapour and is both affordable and usable with a wide variety of products. Enjoy your Flat Earth Edition of the Sneaky Pete Globe in gorgeous blue with your favourite bangers, bowls, and adapters.

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