Sneaky Pete Water Pipe Showcase A guide to help you select between our most popular water pipes.


Hey guys, it's Sneaky Pete here, and today I want to showcase our five most popular custom water pieces in chronological order of when we released them. These are all our original water pieces that we have custom manufactured to our specifications, and while all water pipes have their similarities, they each have their differences that may impact which model you want to choose.

We often get asked questions like, should I choose the Cube, or should I choose the Mega Globe Mk 2? You could make a used case for either decision, and in this video, I want to talk about the specifications and considerations for each piece, so that you’ll be able to best decide which water piece, or pieces, will work best for you

Sneaky Pete Globe

Our first custom piece in our line-up that we released this back in 2016, the Globe was designed to be the perfect handheld bubbler for your vaporizer. The round shape lets it hold substantial water in a small footprint, and it provides significant cooling.

The Globe features a centrally mounted 14mm female joint so it can still hold a heavy vape if it’s balanced. It features a disc percolator for great free airflow, it sits low so you can use the Globe with very little water if you like. Rather than having a mouthpiece, it has a 14mm female joint as the output, so you can use it in multiple modes, i.e., with a whip and a glass mouthpiece. The whip is a great option as it puts your face further away, and I like the glass mouthpiece for the overall solid feel of the piece. We include both options when you buy the Globe, so you don’t have to choose in advance.

This is a perfect choice for someone looking for a small water piece that they can hold in their hand. As it’s light, it’s not recommended to use with the whip remotely as you can tip it over; it’s incredibly possible to use like that, just be aware. Someone who wants a compact water piece that gives customization and cooling will be happy with this, it’s small but mighty.

Sneaky Pete Mega Globe

Our second water piece and best-selling of all time, this is our original design, a lot of people have copied our design at this point but released this back in 2019, the Mega Globe. The Mega Globe was designed based on feedback from our customers, calling for a larger, more substantial piece, and that’s exactly what we did.

We took the Globe and expanded it, same size, and shape but over doubled the capacity so it holds way more water and provides enhanced cooling. As the Mega Globe is much heavier and holds more water than its diminutive brother it’s way less likely to tip over and is a better choice for a desktop piece.

A centrally mounted 14mm female downstem feeds down to high function stereo matrix percolator offering insane, instant airflow with no draw restriction at all. With a more ample size and heftier weight, this is a perfect choice for big vapes. The Mega Globe will cool down heavy hitter and hold up even the largest vape. It has that same 14mm female out joint, includes the glass mouthpiece as well as the whip, you’re set up and ready to go.

This is the perfect choice for someone looking for a substantial, highly functional desktop water piece. While it is still small enough to use handheld but works great on a desktop, it is amazing with the whip featuring no added airflow restriction, and all-day long cooling, this acts as a ‘default’ sort of selection that is recommend for anyone.

Sneaky Pete Mega Globe Mk 2

The next level evolution of the Sneaky Pete Mega Globe, I worked with our manufacturer for a few months to design this as it was a challenging build but worth the effort. We chose the same size and shape of the Mega Globe as it’s so popular with users, utilizes the same huge water volume and has a small footprint but we made few radical changes to create a totally new water piece.

The first change is the cutting-edge inclusion of an additional 10mm female joint. This is a dual use piece with both a 14mm and 10mm female joint that can be used individually or at the same time. We included glass stoppers to close off the joint not in use for single use or remove both for dual use. An awesome strategy is to use the joint not in use (in single use mode) as a carb so you can leave your vape in place and still clear the water piece out. This joint adds so much functionality, it’s a real game changer and users have loved both the dual use and the ‘leave your vape in the piece and clear it’ functionality.

The centre mounted 14mm downstem feeds into the radical new 3D Sphere percolator rather than the previous stereo matrix. It has the same instant, super free airflow, but in an awesome looking new shape and gives insane 360° bubbling. This feeds into a 14mm joint so you can use either the included whip or glass mouthpiece, and it’s big and heavy enough to use desktop mounted no problem. This is a great choice for someone looking to step up for a traditional water pipe experience with this totally unique design.

If you want dual female joint size in the same water piece, this is your choice. But honestly, anyone will benefit from leaving the vape in place to clear it out. If you won’t ever use the 10mm joint either to clear it out or with a 10mm vape, then I’d go with the original Mega Globe.

Sneaky Pete Mega Cube

We designed the Mega Cube after thinking about what I liked the most about the Simrell Cage/Smoked Sneaky Pete Globe combo we used to carry. We wanted to achieve maximum stability without needing to add the expensive cage. We also wanted a true XL water piece that could cool down even multiple heavy hitters at once, so the Mega Cube was born.

The Mega Cube holds a massive amount of water, and while you can use it dry or with water just covering the percolator, you can also fill it within an inch or two from the top for maximum cooling. A striking and substantial piece, the Mega Cube boasts 12cm sides will hold close to a full litre of water. It features a strong and centrally mounted 14mm female joint that leads down to our class stereo matrix percolator for ultra-free airflow with no added resistance.

The second game changer is that on the top, it has a total of 3 x 14mm female joints. One of them is the output joint, and you get a whip and a glass mouthpiece so you can use either you like, or even both at the same time so you can dual vape with a friend. It also includes an optional downstem that fits in the other joint and adds a 10mm joint to your Mega Cube. Used like that, it functions more like the Mega Globe mk. 2, with dual 10mm and 14mm female joints, and the ability to use the other as a carb.

Big and bold, with crazy functionality, the Mega Cube is perfect for someone looking for a centre piece for their collection. If you like the idea of the Mega Globe mk. 2 but want something with even more cooing and mass, get this instead. This is a perfect candidate to add one of our XL cooling mouthpieces, even easier to use if you prefer the glass mouthpiece over the whip.

Sneaky Pete Cube

Finally, our newest custom piece, the Sneaky Pete Cube. We wanted to create a slightly smaller and stripped-down version of the Mega Cube, while most people love that one, some people thought it was too large for them. The Cube is just as stable as the Mega Cube, the square bottoms really take the stability of these pieces to the next level and can be used with big/heavy vapes. The Cube features 9cm sides, so it has a smaller footprint than the Mega Cube, but still holds a massive amount of water for crazy cooling. With only 2 x 14mm female joints, one for the intake and one for the output, so we’ve removed the additional joint from this one as some people simply won’t use it and want a single joint setup.

The intake feeds down to the same disc percolator from our Globe; this percolator was the perfect fit for this size as it created the optimal bubbling. It’s crazy how much something like this can emulate the Globe Cage. It’s heavy and it’s not going anywhere even when using the included whip (you also get the glass mouthpiece), but it’s way less expensive than the Cage. I love using this with my injector vapes, you get so much cooling with those large powerful hits, and it takes the awkward unbalanced weight easily.

This is the perfect choice for someone who likes the Mega Cube, but doesn’t think they’ll ever use the second joint, or if they simply want something smaller. It’s more stable than a sphere can be and is another great fit with our XL mouthpieces if you don’t like the whip. This is a perfect amalgamation of the original Globe and the Mega Cube; it's split it right down the middle and is a fitting piece to end the video with.

Thanks so much for watching, check and to find all of these water pieces and everything else you see me go over in my videos.