Terp Hammer / Terp-Ready Review The Terp Hammer is the first cordless ball vaporizer, bringing a whole new level of convenience as part of the Terp-Ready System.


Introducing The Terp Hammer & Terp-Ready

The new Terp Hammer from Old Head is a wireless, or cordless, ball vape. Utilizes the Dab-Ready heating system; you're going to follow the same procedure, but instead of heating a quartz banger, you're going to heat up the Terp Hammer in its place, giving you a portable ball vape experience. When we say portable, of course you're not going to heat this up and then go take it out for the day, but you aren’t tethered to your heating Hammer by a cable, letting you move more freely without worrying about snagging a cable on anything on your shelf. You can heat the Terp Hammer up and bring it with you to a different part of your house to do your toke, if for some reason you so desired. For us, it’s no more snags that really makes a difference in a smaller space. The Dab-Ready System is a complete disrupter in the ball vape sphere which has already been a game changer in the field of vaporizers at large.

Metal Body + Ruby Terp Pearls = Massive Heat Reserve

The Terp Hammer has a metal build that's filled with ruby terp pearls. If you shake your Hammer, you’ll hear those terp pearls clattering around in there because there has to be a little bit of extra room as the pearls are going to expand when they're heated up. The Terp Hammer has a beautiful wooden handle that gives you plenty of room to grip it comfortably and it couldn't be an easier system to use from day one.

Single Degree Temperature Control, Physical On/Off Switch

To get going, you're going to turn on your Dab-Ready by the switch at the back. As someone who has used this system a lot, we would advise setting this to around 580°F. You can go a little bit warmer or a little bit cooler, but 580°F is a great starting point and won’t leave you wanting. Next, you will orient your Terp Hammer with the wider part placed into the heating coil of the Dab-Ready. Keep in mind, you can buy this as a system called the Terp-Ready and then all you need to do is add a banger instead of the Terp Hammer, but either way, the system is compatible with both dry herb and concentrate.

5 Minute Initial Heat Up, 60 Second Reheat Time

Now on this initial heat up, it's going to take around four to five minutes to fully warm up the Terp Hammer. But after you do your first hit, you're looking at between 30 and 90 seconds to reheat. So, let's call it about 60 seconds to reheat it, and you can realistically do hits in pretty quick back-to-back succession. If you're not familiar with ball or injector vapes, they have become incredibly popular in the scene for being able to deliver performance like this. You’ll be using an extraction chamber, we carry several, and then you're going to put your flower in said chamber and then the chamber connects to your favorite water piece.

Massive Hits, Intense Flavour, Limitless Power

Ball vape popularity stems from their ability to delivery on key elements of vaporization. First, they're meant to enjoy one hit at a time through water and that is how we prefer to dab. Next, they deliver fantastic flavour, because you're getting pure convection action and that comes with huge effects too. Not only are ball vapes capable of producing massive hits, but combining the pure convection heat with massive hits is going to give you the most powerful effects your flower can deliver. Another thing vape aficionados love about ball vaporizers is there's really no rules related to dose size. You could choose to do some micro dosing, or you can go the complete opposite direction and do macro dosing, then probably a nap. You can hit ball vapes as hard as you want, or you can hit them softly and not see performance dip; it’s all in your hands.

Hit It Hard, Hit It Soft, It Can Keep Up!

Old Head recommends putting about 0.15 grams of flower into the extraction chamber and then you will place that chamber into a 14-millimeter joint. Next, whenever you're ready to rip, you’re going to grab your Terp Hammer, place the wide part into the heater and the narrower part is going to fit perfectly in the extraction chamber. After those critically simple steps, it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

A Convenient, Effective, Well Thought Out Vaporizer

The Terp Hammer delivers rock solid hits with fantastic flavour; and the effects come in fast and hard. When done with that hit, the Terp Hammer went back on our Dab-Ready, and about 60 seconds later, it's ready to go. In between hits, we recommend giving the bowl a little stir so you can get all the flavour and all of the effects out of it and when you want to go back for round two, grab the Hammer get hammered for real. You get great output from that small amount of flower. We could probably see two more hits, at least, from that bowl. We hope this run down was a good intro to a ball vape system, really highlighting the convenience of a cordless system. I'm really liking the Terp Hammer piece for the Terp-Ready or Dab-Ready system from Old Head because it works with concentrate, and it works with dry herb. Old Head is a very innovative company that continues to put out very innovative product and this one has found a permanent place on our desktop.

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