The Tinymight Monster Convection, This One Just Hits Differently | Detailed Review

Hey guys, Sneaky Pete here and today I want to give you a closer look at the Tinymight, this portable dry herb vaporizer has been out for a little while now, but not too many people have one yet because it's in such high demand that it's a bit difficult to get. The vaporizer itself is a super easy to use, palm sized, on-demand, full-convection beast from Finland, which produces absolutely exceptional vapor, so there’s a good reason this one has been hard to get. Let me tell you all about it.


The Tinymight has a body constructed from solid oak, with a metal cap on each end. On the bottom of the device you will find a rotary screw which is easy to turn with your fingernail, so you don’t need a tool, and this will adjust your temperature from a range of 250°F-460°F.

You’ll also find a micro-USB charging port, unfortunately no USB-C on this one. On the end of the bottom metal cap, you will find the button. It’s not my favorite button I’ve ever used but I’ll show you how to best use it. I got this tip from Stu from; instead of using your thumb on the button like you would normally do, you’ll find that it’s very natural to hold a vaporizer in your hand this with a button towards your palm. Simply pull the vaporizer into your palm to use the button on your device, it’s very easy like that.

On the top of the vaporizer, you will find a screw-off battery cover, and this uses a standard 18650 battery which is great to see. It’s easy to get the battery in and out so if you don’t want to use the micro-USB to charge it then you can simply replace your batteries here. Beside that, you will find the glass stem with adjustable position cooling inserts, and then when you look down into the vaporizer itself you’ll see the powerhouse, that’s a 70W stainless steel heater.

It’s really not a heavy vaporizer and it’s comfortable to hold in your hand, it’s an easy one to take with you and it feels very solid. You do get a little light leaking through the bottom where the wood meets the metal, but over-all I like the look and the construction of the device

When you buy the vape it includes an 18650 battery and a glass stem with cooling inserts, so you’re totally set up to vape when it arrives.


I really like charging my 18650 batteries in an external charger, and it does a nice low charge to maximize safety and extend the life of your battery. If it’s completely dead you’re going to charge your battery in about 1.5-2hrs on this charger, but it will take a bit longer with the micro-USB.

The battery life itself is very good for a portable. During my testing, I used it at temperature setting six and I got 30 hits in on-demand mode before the battery was completely dead. This is definitely a one hit at a time sort of vaporizer so I am super happy with that battery life.

Depending on your temperature, the heat up time is also impressive; we are talking between two and six seconds, or around five seconds to keep it simple. When this vaporizer vibrates to let you know it’s warmed up, let me tell you it is ready to go and it starts pumping out vapor right away.


The Tinymight can be used in two different modes: on-demand mode or session mode. Unless you’re using this vaporizer with friends, I really can’t imagine using it in session mode too often. As it hits so incredibly hard, I think you’re going to want to take a minute before you have your next hit, but maybe that’s just me.

To use it in on-demand mode, click the button three times. You’ll definitely find sometimes it won’t seem to register your three clicks properly, but as you get to know the device you will minimize these occurrences.

When the device does turn on, the LED will start flashing to let you know it’s in standby mode, and it will also vibrate. The amount of times it vibrates is going to indicate the battery level, which is a handy feature as the vaporizer doesn’t have a display so it keeps it very easy to use.

When you are ready to hit it, hold the button down, and the light will maintain a solid “on” rather than flashing. The device will vibrate to let you know it is at temperature, then go ahead and inhale. You can inhale really hard with this vape if you want, but, be aware that it pumps out a ton of vapor so it may hit harder than you expect.

If you do want to use it in session mode, click the button three times and hold the button down until it stops vibrating. Give it a few seconds to stabilize the temperature, and then you can just go ahead and hit it at your leisure. I don’t find the hits quite as intense in session mode so while session is definitely possible, on-demand mode is where it’s at for me with this vaporizer.

I find when using this vape dry with the stock mouthpiece, I keep the temperature at around four as it starts to get a little intense above that. If I’m hitting it through a water piece, six is my favorite temperature for sure, though sometimes I do like to turn it up to get the most powerful hit possible.

It’s a super low maintenance vaporizer, they don’t recommend submerging the O-rings in isopropyl alcohol but I did because I’m a bit lazy when it comes to cleaning things. If you are going to do that, I would recommend cleaning it more often so you don’t have to submerge them for long and ensure that you rinse it really well and dry it completely in front of a fan.

We stock a couple of accessories for this vape, I like to rip it through water with the Ed's TNT Tinymight WPA Adapter, it very quickly and efficiently milks up a water piece. 

You’re going to find when you hit this vaporizer it creates this sort of central ring of vaped material. If you’re only going for maximum flavor and you’re going to cash your load after a hit or two, you don’t really need to stir it. But otherwise, you do need to give this one a stir so that the entire load can get fully vaporized, and it’s an easy one to stir with something like a vape tool.


The vapor quality from the Tinymight is just sublime. If you want to hit it at the lower temperatures, the terps are out of this world. It strongly reminds me of the best hits I ever had, from my Splinter which is an incredibly terpy vape.

This vaporizer has a very fast extraction compared to something like a Solo 2, meaning that you extract both the terpenes and active ingredients very quickly and efficiency. This gives you really forward heavy flavor, but also incredibly massively powerful effects.

Considering how much vapor you’re inhaling it’s actually reasonably cool with the stock mouthpiece set up, but I would recommend running this one through water if you want to be hitting it at those higher temperatures. Overall, the vapor quality is the reason that people are truly crazy about this vaporizer, and it’s one of those vapes that you really have to try for yourself to fully appreciate.


The first strong point is the vapor production. I really don’t want to overhype the experience, but I was truly blown away by how much vapor this thing put out even on temperature four. It takes virtually no technique, hold the button down and inhale either a little bit hard or super hard after it vibrates, and this thing just spews out convection vapor.

Vapor quantity is good but vapor quality is imperative and the vapor quality on the Tinymight is remarkable. As this vaporizer has such a fast extraction, the flavor is super forward heavy, meaning the first few hits you are going to get almost the entire terpenes that the bowl has to offer which really exemplifies the flavor on good strains. Also being pure convection, it is a super strong vaporizer, and at the lower temperatures the vapor is surprisingly smooth considering how much you are exhaling.

Finally, you are getting this exceptional vapor in a package that is surprisingly compact, uses a common battery type that can easily be removed for charging or replacement, and gives you on-demand performance. This is one of those vaporizers that gives you the performance with something like a Splinter or a high-end desktop vape without any of the effort or being tethered to a wall.


My biggest complaint is definitely the button. When you are using it from the proper orientation or direction it works fine, but sometimes it feels spongy or almost non-functional if you hit it from the wrong angle. I think the button overall could definitely be improved, but I do find if you use it in your palm like I suggested then it mitigates any button issues.

Getting the stem in and out requires a decent amount of pressure. I kind of give mine a bit of a twist when I put it in as I just feel uncomfortable shoving something in there straight on when it requires force. One time while twisting it out, I actually loosened up this top piece and had the O-ring pop out on me. It’s held in there nice and tight, but the amount of force you need to apply to get it in there takes a bit of getting used to.

To get the best performance and efficiency from this vaporizer it really does benefit from a stir, or else you will get not so much a hotspot but more of a large hot ring. It’s an easy one to stir and I recommend doing it while your load is warm, you will get a massive increase in efficiency and extract all available flavor.


The Tinymight is one of those extra special dry herb vapes that don’t come along too often. Even after the initial honeymoon phase, I am constantly blown away by the consistently impressive performance that I get from this vaporizer.

It gives you incredibly pure and super flavorful hits, where you can truly experience the uniqueness of each strain. The convection vapour provides effects in spades, and when you want to turn this thing up a little bit it is mind blowing how quickly you can milk up your water piece.

If you were using this thing at higher temperatures you are going to think that you combusted based on how thick the vapour gets and how quickly, but once you look at your load you’ll see that it is only vaporization taking place, just a lot of it.

The form factor is easy to hold and has a unique and very fitting look, and it’s a very easy vaporizer to both use and maintain. I really want to see them update this button and it would be great if they added a gasket to fix that light leak, but overall, this is an incredibly impressive vaporizer and one that is worth whatever line you’re going to have to get in for it right now.

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Thanks so much for reading and watching guys, I really appreciate it.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky.