Tinymight 2 Demo Session Join me as I demonstrate the Tinymight 2 vaporizer, go over it's features and functions, and finish with an epic session.


Tinymight 2 Vaporizer - Demo Session

Henry Ford didn’t stop with the Model T; Steve Jobs didn’t quit after the Apple I and Gordon Ramsey didn’t hang up his apron after his first risotto. Well, thankfully for everyone, the producers of the original Tinymight are back with a somehow substantially improved Tinymight 2. I know, right? What did they do, make it of diamonds? Let’s find out.

Full Convection Vapour & Lots Of It

Ok, it isn’t made of diamonds. We are, though, looking at sweeping improvements across the board. First and foremost, this bad boy packs a wallop. Made with care in Finland, the Tinymight 2 provides desktop tier power in a device that’s so portable, it’s begging you to take it with you, wherever you go. Full convection, high quality vapour that’s milky af billows out of the business end and honestly, if you’re taking more than one or two hits, you’re playing with fire. Comparatively to the og Tinymight, the TM2 has a much more even, consistent vaporization, with no visible ring left behind.

Glass & Titanium Mouthpiece Included

The Tinymight 2 not only works with any original Tinymight accessories you have, but it also comes with a longer titanium mouthpiece as well as the glass one and both have adjustable bowls so that you can optimize performance for your preference.  The TM2 receives a welcomed addition, USB-C charging, but doesn’t lose the ability to swap your own batteries in and out on the fly.

Upgraded Look & Function

The Tinymight 2 has also upgraded to walnut for better texture, look and insulation properties. That’s paired with an enhanced metal shell that not only looks better but is more resilient and will keep your device’s overall aesthetic look crisp for longer. The TM2 does have a slightly larger profile that allows for a stronger build and upgraded internals that include a built in multi tool that’s not only great for stirring or altering your bowl, but you can also actually see through it to learn the device’s status as well. Two huge improvements for us: the battery lid is now removable without a tool besides your fingers and the button has been vastly improved, so much so that the original looks clumsy and immediately outdated.

A Substantial Upgrade Over The Tinymight

It's really hard to improve on your products when your first one is the Lamborghini Mercielago of portable vapes, but damn if the Tinymight 2 isn’t a substantial upgrade over the original. Every part is more polished, deliberate and refined. I’m not holding on for that diamond edition, but the Tinymight 2 nails it in every other category.

We sell the most recent updated version of the Tinymight 2 that includes the new stronger button and stainless steel lining.

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