Tinymight 2 vs. Arizer Solo 3: The Ultimate Vape Showdown - Pete's Pick! A Comprehensive Comparison of the Arizer Solo 3 and Tinymight 2 to Help You Choose the Best Vape for Your Needs.

Tinymight 2 vs. Arizer Solo 3: The Ultimate Vape Showdown

Hey guys, it's Sneaky Pete here! A question I've been getting asked a ton lately is: Arizer Solo 3 or Tinymight 2? So, on this episode of Pete's Pick, I'm going to be comparing and contrasting these two devices. By the end of this post, you'll be better situated if you find yourself deciding between these two awesome vapes.

First Impressions

Arizer Solo 3

The Solo 3 is a substantial device, definitely larger than its predecessors. It comes in an impressive black metallic color, which looks sleek and modern. The controls are straightforward with up, down, side-to-side buttons, and a central press button, complemented by a vibrant, full-colour screen displaying all the necessary data. You’ll find the USB-C charging port on the back, and up top, the oven where your stems slide directly in.

Tinymight 2

On the other hand, the Tinymight 2 sports a beautiful wooden body with a smooth, shiny finish. It has brushed caps and updated buttons, making it a more robust and aesthetically pleasing version of its predecessor. The oven is at the top, with removable stems, a redesigned heater, and a single-button control interface indicated by different lights and vibrations. A simple rotary dial adjusts the temperature.

Features and Functionality

Heating and Modes

- Solo 3: The heat-up time has dramatically improved, taking about 9 to 15 seconds depending on the temperature. It offers both a new on-demand and tradition session modes, making it versatile for different vaping styles.

- Tinymight 2: This device is even faster, reaching temperature in around 5 seconds. It also provides both session and on-demand modes, but it excels in on-demand mode due to its efficiency and performance. The ability to switch seamlessly between modes adds to its versatility.

Loading and Heating Methods

- Solo 3: Load your material into glass pods, available in regular and XL sizes. This primarily convection device includes some conduction heating for efficient vaporization, especially with larger bowls. The glass pod system ensures your flower remains pure and untainted, enhancing the flavour profile.

- Tinymight 2: Load your flower into the stem and insert it into the device. It doesn’t include a waterpipe adapter, but numerous accessories are available, such as waterpipe adapters, long stems, and bubblers. It’s a 100% pure convection device, ideal for vapor purists who value flavour and vapour purity.

Battery Life and Charging

- Solo 3: Equipped with USB-C charging, it offers around 3 hours of use in session mode or up to 100 hits in on-demand mode. The convenience of USB-C means you can charge it with standard cables, avoiding the hassle of proprietary chargers.

- Tinymight 2: Features a removable 18650 battery, allowing for infinite battery life if you carry spares. While it may not last as long per charge as the Solo 3, its replaceable battery is a significant advantage for some users, ensuring you’re never left without power.

Ease of Use

Arizer Solo 3

The Solo 3 is very user-friendly with a full-colour screen and single-degree temperature control. The interface allows for a lot of customization, including temperature adjustments in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also has a strange little code you have to input when you turn it on, which can be a bit annoying, but once past that, it’s smooth sailing.

Tinymight 2

While the Tinymight 2 lacks a screen and precise temperature control, it’s not difficult to use. The single-button operation and LED/vibration indicators are straightforward. However, compared to the Solo 3’s intuitive screen and controls, it can be seen as a bit more challenging to operate. You click three times to put it in on-demand mode, hold the button until it vibrates, and then inhale – simple, but less intuitive than a digital interface.

Vapour Quality

Arizer Solo 3

The vapour quality on the Solo 3 is outstanding due to the glass pod system. Your flower stays suspended in glass, avoiding contact with any materials that could alter the flavour. This results in exceptionally pure and true flavour. If you’re using it dry at higher temperatures, you might find the vapour a bit warm and irritating on the throat. For those higher temperatures, using a water piece is recommended. The on-demand mode can produce impressive clouds, especially with the XL bowl, which has double the capacity for more substantial hits.

Tinymight 2

The Tinymight 2 is best known for its extreme vapour production. The 100% pure convection vapour provides incredibly strong effects and massive clouds. The cooling units in the stem help manage temperature, ensuring smooth hits even at higher settings. If you’re after huge, flavourful clouds with robust effects, the Tinymight 2 will not disappoint.


Arizer Solo 3

The Solo 3 comes with both regular and XL stems, allowing for efficient use of material. For those who prioritize efficiency, the regular stems are recommended, as they don’t require a lot of material to produce satisfying hits. While it may not produce the darkest ABV, it offers consistent and thorough extraction.

Tinymight 2

The Tinymight 2 offers adjustable bowl sizing, allowing you to customize your load size. You can push the cooling units down for a larger bowl or up for micro-dosing. This customization makes it versatile for different vaping needs. At higher temperatures, it provides darker ABV and excellent extraction efficiency. Stirring the material can enhance performance, but even without it, the Tinymight 2 is highly efficient.

Favourite Things

Arizer Solo 3

The Solo 3’s on-demand mode works exceptionally well, and many users might only use this mode due to its convenience and performance. The screen and buttons make it easy to use, and the customization options enhance the overall experience. Comparing it to older versions, the Solo 3 feels more refined and user-friendly, addressing many past complaints.

Tinymight 2

The Tinymight 2 builds on the strengths of its predecessor, offering improved build quality and performance. The removable battery, USB-C charging, and updated button system make it a more robust and user-friendly device. Its vapor quality is unparalleled, producing massive, tasty clouds. It’s perfect for users who prefer powerful, one-hit-at-a-time sessions, especially through water.

The Verdict - Pete's Pick

Choosing between the Arizer Solo 3 and the Tinymight 2 is tough because they’re both excellent devices. If I had to pick one, I’d go with the Tinymight 2. While the Solo 3 is a significant improvement over previous models, the Tinymight 2’s vapour quality, on-demand performance, and overall efficiency are unbeatable. It’s perfect for users like me who prefer one-hit-at-a-time sessions through water, and the removable/replaceable battery helps to future proof ownership of the device.

So, there you have it! Whether you choose the Solo 3 for its ease of use and long battery life or the Tinymight 2 for its supreme vapour production and flexibility, you’re in for a fantastic vaping experience. Happy vaping, and catch you in the next episode of Pete's Pick!

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