Venty Launch Party - LA Trip Vlog Join us for a vlog as we head down to LA for the Storz & Bickel Venty Launch Party.


Storz & Bickel Venty Launch Party In LA

Storz & Bickel held a launch party to celebrate the release of their new portable, The Venty. The event was held at a private club in LA, and they put on a super fun event. Not only did they have Snowtill there with some of the best living soil grown flower I’ve ever seen, but they also had a Volcano station running full time, and a Venty to enjoy at the party.

The team at Storz & Bickel were kind enough to invite us down for the party, and we had a blast! The next day we headed down to Rodeo Drive to have a look around, and thankfully not buy anything 🤣 In this video you’ll see a vlog of our entire trip down to LA to attend the Venty Launch Party, I hope you enjoy it!

Introducing the Incredible VENTY from Storz & Bickel

It’s been a hot minute since we saw a brand-new product from Storz & Bickel and this special offering is worth the wait. As the company in the industry with the longest and most impressive track record when it comes to vaporizers, and with the biggest R&D budget to match, we expect significance from the masters, and we got it with the VENTY. Let’s talk about it!

Super-Powered with Free Airflow

Meet the VENTY, the most powerful portable that Storz & Bickel has ever produced. The VENTY heats up from cold to vaporizing temp in only 20 seconds, the fastest we’ve seen from a S&B device. For reference, the Mighty+ takes 3x as long to heat up, at 60 seconds. While many vaporizers suffer from the “milkshake effect”, where the airflow can’t cut through the material cleanly and you struggle to pull a hit, Storz & Bickel are renown for the free airflow on their devices, allowing you to breathe in easily and be satisfied. The VENTY has the best airflow that they’ve ever offered, achieving up to 20L per minute, and is adjustable through a dial on the device. The ability to adjust airflow to your liking is a feature that goes way past “oh that’s neat” to “how have I been living my life without this?” and to show their dedication to the aspect, S&B included a flowmeter in the device that senses how emphatically you’re drawing on it and dynamically adjusts the heater in real time to compensate. Essentially, you’re getting the same draw at the desired temperature regardless of how you have your airflow set.

Game Changing New Heater Design

The VENTY has a newly designed heater to produce bigger clouds than ever and as far as we can tell, it’s among or maybe even the most powerful portable on the market with a maximum power usage of 130W @ 16 Amps, a substantial difference compared to 40W on the Mighty+. More power = bigger clouds, the math checks out and due to the design changes, they’re cooler and tastier than ever. The VENTY provides single degree temperature control directly on the device with a large, multi-coloured screen that’s easy to read and a vibration motor that will let you know when the device is ready to go.

Chase Cool Clouds with Two-Stage Cooling

When you’re hitting those big clouds, you’ll want them to be cool and of course Storz & Bickel accommodated for this with the new two-stage cooling unit on the VENTY. The innovative cooling system has two levels to elongate the vapour path and it is double walled so that the exterior remains cool to the touch. The VENTY utilizes an additional screen in the path itself to provide the most pristine vapour available on a portable.

A Power Supply as Impressive as its Engine

With an engine like this, you need to bring the power supply to match, and of course, the VENTY does not disappoint here. Equipped with USB-C charging that features the “supercharger” function that will provide an 80% charge in only 40 minutes if you’re using an appropriate charger. This SOB is packing two 18650 li-ion batteries that both power the beast and will last for many sessions between charges.

Optional Bluetooth For More Customization

The VENTY also has the capability for Bluetooth connections, but they are completely optional. If you do enjoy extra levels of customization, connect to their free web app and control things like vibration, pre-set Booster temperatures, Eco-Charge mode and more, including over the air software updates. It’s always nice when a device with great analogue parts has software that lets you make them even better, and we all know Storz & Bickel only releases the best. Along those lines, the VENTY is made to the same rigorous standards as their medically certified devices and uses only the highest quality materials that are known for their safety and purity. In fact, the VENTY is approved using UL (8139) and IEC 60335-1 certification, which is welcome to see and provides confidence in the device.

The VENTY is Worth the Wait

We had to wait a few years since there’s been a brand-new offering from Storz & Bickel, and the VENTY is well worth the wait. This extraordinarily impressive handheld vaporizer is exceptional in every way, from airflow to power to cooling to battery, and that’s really not something we can say very often.

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