Vestratto Forge First Look Join me as I demonstrate the Vestratto Forge, go over the features and functions, and finish with an epic session.


Vestratto Forge Demo Session

The Forge is an upcoming induction heater from Vestratto, the makers of the incredible Anvil. The Forge was designed and built in Canada, and is specifically designed to provide an adequate amount of heat to the Anvil in a short period of time - not an easy task. The Forge is an incredible piece of engineering, and the capabilities of the system are hard to truly appreciate.

High Tech Performance Will Make You Forget Your Torch

The Forge works by supplying a specific amount of energy to the oven at a set power level. This allows you to adjust the overall oven temperature, and the length of time it takes to get to temperature. When using it like this you can forget about the click as you don’t need it, and the system is capable of anything from delivering thinner hits with maximum flavour to getting your flower as brown as you can with a torch, it’s even capable of combusting (not that you want to and there’s no need to go that high), it’s just that powerful!

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