Volcano Hybrid Dosing Capsule Adapter Review This adapter lets your Volcano Hybrid utilize the incredibly convenient Dosing Capsules, and dramatically reduces overall chamber maintenance.


Double Your Pleasure by Halving Your Size

The Volcano Hybrid is one of the best desktops on the market and certainly one of our favourites, but we do have one complaint about it and that’s the size of the chamber. The chamber functions incredibly, but it's just so large and you have to load it to capacity in order to optimize the proper functionality of your device. For the purposes of testing during this video and blog, we have a scale present, so let's load the chamber up and see exactly how much it's actually going to use.

The Volcano Needs a Full Oven

With our keen eye, we’ve packed a perfectly loaded chamber and it weighs 0.53g. The flower is not spilling over the top, but it is full to capacity and when you fill it in this manner, you are going to get the absolute best results that you can from your Volcano. But we often don't want to load up a half gram bowl and the flavour is so forward heavy, that the later bags just don't taste as good as the first bags do.

Luckily for those of us who don’t intend to knock off an eighth in an afternoon, Storz & Bickel make a simple accessory that completely fixes this problem, and they call it the Volcano Dosing Capsule Adapter, and that’s exactly what it provides; it’s not just a clever name. This Adapter accomplishes two different things, it both lets you use dosing capsules, just like with your VENTY or your MIGHTY+, with your Volcano, and if you don't want to use dosing capsules, you’re still able to utilize it. Set up the Adapter and take advantage of smaller loads, as it simply reduces the chamber size so that you aren’t able to load as much material in it, but you’ll still get a completely full oven to achieve that proper functionality.

What Is Included

Taking a quick look at the packaging for the Adapter, you’ll notice it has a small perforation to tear off the top. Pour all of the pieces out and you’ll see the Dosing Capsule Adapter itself. It's made out of metal, and it is going to fit right into the Volcano’s chamber. You also get two other items with the Adapter. It comes with a dosing capsule which is great because you don't get one with the VENTY and that is kind of lame, but you do get one with this Adapter and you also get an extra screen. Essentially, hat's a double of the screen that just sits at the bottom, so you get a replacement. When your chamber's empty and ready to load, it's a good idea to clean it as well. To fully disassemble, you're just going to pop out the bottom piece by adding some pressure to it; it doesn't take much, and it will come right out.

That’s a look at the standard chamber, and you can see what it looks like full, we want to compare it to the size of the reducer. There is a tremendous difference between the two, it looks like even less than half to us. The Adapter is really easy to install, you just line the little flat segment up with the top of the chamber and then just push it together snugly. With a quick adjustment, we have our new chamber that's going to be perfectly sized for a dosing capsule or you can just fill it with flower directly for a smaller load.

We find that whenever we’re making use of a chamber reducer, or a Dosing Capsule Adapter, whatever you prefer to call it, it’s just a better experience overall. It keeps everything involved with preparing and enjoying cannabis cleaner and it's really easy to load and unload. You can even load multiple dosing capsules up at a time beforehand so that you don't have to load and unload one specific capsule each time and overall, it just creates a more convenient experience.

Next, we went ahead and loaded the dosing capsule up to compare what our new chamber volume is compared to the old chamber volume of 0.53g. After zeroing out the scale with both sections of the capsule on it, we packed it full of flower, but not so full we were forcing it in.

Use a Third of the Dry Flower you Did Before

As one of the most heavy-duty desktop vapes available, the Volcano has power for days; it doesn't matter what temperature you're using at how or how many bags that you're doing in a row, it has the power necessary. Definitely don't stuff it too full or cram your flower in the capsule, aim for filling it to capacity and maybe a little tiny bit more. After that, we added the lid to hold it all in place and then it’s time to see how much the load from the dosing capsule weighs. After some quick maths, our new weight is 0.19g, so we've gone from 0.53g to 0.19g in the amount of flower that we're loading in per chamber.

More Bags = Tastier Bags

There are a couple benefits outside of flower usage efficiency to using dosing capsules and for us, the first major one is that we find that you get the best possible flavour. As you're changing your load out more frequently, you're going to have more flavourful bags. You're not going to be able to produce eight bags of vapour while using a dosing capsule, you're going to be doing two or three bags tops. At that point, the flavour is going to be gone and you just switch your capsule out and replace it with a fresh one. On the other hand, when you have the full chamber available, we might be doing five or six bags and we find that after the second bag, there's really no more flavour even though there are more effects.

Maximize Efficiency

Finally, we have found that you accomplish greater efficiency when using smaller amounts. It's a similar concept as using the half bowl position in your DynaVap; we get better efficiency by doing a larger number of half bowls than doing fewer, full bowls.

Next, we want to walk you through how the dosing capsule option works. We have a brand-new dosing capsule on hand, and we're going to turn this Volcano up to 400° to see how thick the bags are that you can still extract from a smaller amount. Whenever we’re enjoying the first session on a chamber, we prefer to leave the engine on for about 30 seconds so that a small amount of moisture evaporates, which will help you produce the thickest initial bag.

At 400° the Volcano produces a nice thick bag, so we went ahead and enjoyed the crazy good flavour that we were hoping for from an initial bag. We would say that the thickness of a 400° bag with the adapter compared to the full chamber might have less vapour, but you're also using half the amount of material, so that makes sense. We would probably be aiming for two bags if we were using a dosing capsule: if you're not using the dosing capsule, you're going to be fitting a bit more material in there.

All in all, if you love your Volcano Hybrid but sometimes you find the chamber a little bit too large, or you simply want to use dosing capsules with your Hybrid, check out the Dosing Capsule Adapter; it is a super cool and inexpensive accessory that you will get a lot of use from.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky; we'll see you next time.

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