XL Submarine Pipe - Demo Video

Our popular Submarine Pipe just got bigger & badder with the XL version - with more stability and cooling than ever.


The XL Submarine Pipe Explores New Depths

Prepare to man your battle stations and embark on a journey to the deepest depths. Secure the hatches, for the XL Submarine Pipe has arrived. No need for depth charges, this formidable October Class water piece surpasses the impressively sized Destroyer Class of our previous Submarine. It is fully equipped to handle your favourite arsenal. Sometimes, you just need to get horizontal, and bigger.

Big, Bold and Badder than Ever

The XL Submarine Pipe measures in at 6โ€ inches long and stands just under 4โ€ tall with a wider profile that provides an even more stable base. The substantial tubular section that just begs you to fill it up to its substantial capacity that is fit to handle the largest cooling jobs you have available. The horizontal layout presents a space for the vapour to cool efficiently and filter throughout the entire submarine body.
The intake joint is the ever popular 14mm female and it leads to a horizontal slit percolator that sits low, offering varied water volumes, depending on your preference; you can even use it with just a bit of water if you so choose. On the other end, youโ€™ll find another 14mm joint, which works great with the included whip.

Whip Mouthpiece is Made to Share

Call us traditional, but we appreciate sharing sessions with our shipmates. There is nothing better than a whip to position oneself comfortably, and the included one performs up to snuff. The four glass feet that stabilize the XL Submarine elevate it from your table, ensuring cleanliness of your surfaces, and it is effortless to maintain. This is genuinely a comfortable piece to use; the combination of the horizontal design and the whip ensures your face stays away from a hot vape, which is absolutely ideal.

Stable, Substantial and Supportive

The XL Submarine Pipe is designed for luxury, has a unique look that provides a big, stable tank that can easily support the biggest, heaviest vapes and prioritizes comfort and flexibility while in use. The design and function are so intrinsically combined in this piece, you truly enjoy it, while youโ€™re enjoying it. Periscope, up; the XL Submarine Pipe is on your horizon!

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