XMAX Starry 4 Review - Coffee & A Vape The Starry 4 offers great battery life, nice vapour, and a quality metal build for an incredibly reasonable price.


The Starry 4 Sets The Bar For Entry Level

Are you familiar with the maxim, “it can be good, it can be cheap, but it cannot be good and cheap.” I think Confucius said it, but I wouldn’t use it as an answer on the SATs. Regardless, they were wrong; items CAN be good AND cheap, it’s just incredibly rare to see it executed well. The XVAPE Starry 4 from XMAX is a vaporizer that you just can’t beat for the price and functionality.

Heats Up In Only 15 Seconds

The previous iteration of this device, the Starry 3, was super popular because it delivered a high quality, well performing vaporizer that’s battery powered and inexpensive, and the Starry 4 blows the doors off it. We love how fast the Starry 4 heats up, reaching your desired temperature in just 15 seconds. Speaking of temperatures, you can completely tailor the Starry 4’s temp range, from 212°F~464°F and you can dial in by the degree for ultimate control.

A Swappable 18650 Battery Delivers Long Life

Powered by a juicy 18650 2550mAh battery, not only can you fast charge this long-lasting battery with USB-C, but you can also swap it out as desired to really lengthen your sessions. The Starry 4 also supports dosing capsules and has a huge bowl, so theoretically you could bring a couple extra batteries and a few dosing capsules with you and be good to go for a long hike or festival.

Adjustable Airflow Lets You Dial It In

The UI on the device, heck even the whole user experience, is really polished for a device of this price. The screen can not only flip the direction it’s facing, but it can also flip between Celsius or Fahrenheit easily. The Starry 4 also features vibration notifications for temperature and a switch to control the amount of airflow. You can manipulate this mechanism to either increase or decrease the amount of air in your hits, affecting the coolness and fullness of the draw.

Magnetic Zirconia Cooling Unit & Mouthpiece

The Starry 4 amazed us with its jewelry quality magnetic zirconia mouthpiece that is both easy to take on and off to make the device more portable as well as cooling down your vapour by a noticeable amount. At 115.9*37.5*24mm the Starry 4 fits easily in your pocket and with its fast heat up and sizeable oven is the perfect device for events.

Ideal For A First Time Vaper

This is a great first vape. It’s a great vape for those who want airpath control. It’s a great vape for session users. We can keep going. Seriously, check the price. We didn’t believe it either, but the Starry 4 easily worked its way into our rotation easily and has rightfully earned the spot.

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