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    It’s that time!  My favourite video of the year!  This is a chance to take another look at all the vapes I’ve used and tested during 2018.  Time really does fly, some of these vapes I thought were from last year, but it was more like April.  This year I’m doing things a little different.  Certain categories will have a runner-up because some of them are just such a hard choice that second place deserves a shout out, but the focus will be on the actual winner of the category.  Grab your favourite vape, load it up, and have a session with us as we present to you Sneaky Pete’s 2018 Vape Awards!


Winner:  Jyarz

Runner-Up:  Vape Press

    Jyarz are another product I discovered through you guys and thank you for this one.  These are my favourite herb storage containers by far.  Your herb is isolated totally in glass and they are strong as well as smell proof, everything I’m looking for in a storage container.


Winner:  Puffco Peak

Runner-Up:  CCell Silo

    The Peak essentially created a new category for concentrate use.  It is a digitally controlled easily replicable way to consume concentrates through water and it still provides a vapour experience that will satisfy most dabbers.  The Peak’s design is iconic, I think it’s gorgeous and so well done, and I think the Peak brought a lot of people over to, or at least created a lot of interest in, the concentrate world.  It just has that kind of appeal.


Winner:  Arizer Go

Runner-Up:  Flowermate V5 Nano

    Arizer just makes some of the easiest to use, easiest to figure out, easiest to clean and most consistently performing vaporizers on the market.  They are also known to be among the most reliable, really a very easy company to recommend.  The ArGo is a highly portable handheld with a removable battery and a pure glass vapour path.  It doesn’t sacrifice on quality or performance despite its tiny size.


Winner (or loser?):  Haze Square

    I wanted to love this vape, it has a fantastic concept, but it just missed the mark on execution for me.  I had a faulty unit, which isn’t a big deal I always let a manufacturer troubleshoot with me and sent me a new one.  However, the new one provided an identical experience.  There are just too many parts, cleaning it is difficult and too complex.  To troubleshoot, they sent a document with about 15 things to try out and check.  If there are that many things I may need to do to fix a fault with their device, something is wrong.  I would love to see a V2 for this one though, it’s a fantastic concept but needs some work on the execution.


Winner:  DynaVap M (2018 model)

Runner-Up:  CCell Palm

    It’s impossible to not give this award to the 2018 M.  Not only is it the cheapest vape that we sell, but it also offers fantastic efficiency and huge, thick vapour clouds that many other vapes struggle to produce.  There are no batteries required, it is essentially everything proof as long as you don’t damage the cap or lose it.  It can be heated with a variety of sources.  It is amazing how many customers talk about this vape being the one that they needed to stop combusting.  On top of all that, the M is only $60, which is very tough to beat.


Winner:  Ditanium

    The Ditanium is one of my favourite vapes of the year by far.  I love how you can leave it plugged in for weeks at a time (don’t do this at home).  It produces incredibly consistent vapour.  Dial in your temperature and it doesn’t vape past a certain point.  You can use it with large loads or small and is easy to use with a water piece.  Not only is it a dry herb vaporizer, but it’s also a quartz e-nail as well!  I use it almost as often for concentrate as I do for herb.  Good dual-use ability is rare and something that really adds a lot of value to the Ditanium.


Winner:  CCell Palm

Runner-Up:  Extreme Q

    Cartridges are getting super popular, but in lots of places (including here), they just aren’t that popular or availability is limited.  That is changing very quickly and I think the Palm and CCell in general are a big part of the reason for that.  These devices are fantastic!  The Palm is as small as they come, but the battery will get you 200+ hits and a 1ml cartridge has so much potential effect in there it boggles my mind.  This little tiny setup could get a room full of people messed up a few times over.  Since using these I haven’t used a regular vape pen and I don’t see myself going back anytime soon.  For on the go use it just doesn’t get any easier than this.  If you want more intense effects at home, rip it through a water piece, this will milk it with the best of them.


Winner:  Ditanium

Runner-Up:  Ghost MV1 Stealth

    Remember that whole “use it for dry herb or shatter” bit?  Well, I should have said dry herb AND shatter, because the Ditanium excels at combination hits.  You’ve probably put a little concentrate in your Solo 2 and noticed that it adds a little kick.  Well, doing a proper dab through a handpiece that is loaded with herb is a different experience altogether.  The effects can be incredibly strong.  If you are a medical user or just wanting a heavy-duty buzz, I find I get the strongest effects when combining herb and concentrate like this.  It gives you the best that both methods have to offer even though they are quite different experiences.


Winner:  The Lotus

    I am a self-admitted flavour junkie.  My ABV is still ridiculously vapeable usually as I want that incredible fresh bowl and super terpy flavour that you only get in those first few magical hits.  The Lotus is a flavour chaser’s dream.  It is really easy to use, I find it very hard to scorch your herb even for a first timer, and the flavour is out of this world.  When I use my Lotus I prefer it with one of our j-hooks.  I'm a water vaper as much as I am a flavour whore and I don’t even use a water piece for this one, it’s just that smooth.


Winner:  Fury 2

Runner-up:  Ditanium

    The Fury 2 was one of the most popular vapes this year and it really put Healthy Rips on the map.  It is very small and portable, heats up super fast, has a screen, single degree temperature control, and produces a ton of vapour that’s smooth and tasty.  Aside from all of its benefits and popularity, one of the main reasons I like this vape is for its microdosing ability and extreme efficiency when used with a water piece.  The stem is tiny so you can only load a small amount, but in about 20 seconds you’re ready to go and you’ll get a single huge hit per bowl.  After that hit just empty it out and reload for next time.  Always using fresh herb means you always get the best flavour, and a single gram can get you so many hits with this method.  Overall, the Fury 2 is a fantastic vaporizer and one that I continue to use to this day.



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Below are the 2018 Winners featured in this Vape Talk episode!


🇺🇸 - Jyarz on SPV

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Arizer Go

🇺🇸 - Arizer Go on SPV

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DynaVap M (2018 model)

🇺🇸 - 2018 M on SPV

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🇺🇸 - Ditanium on SPV

🇨🇦 - Ditanium on GWN

CCell Palm

🇺🇸 - Palm on SPV

🇨🇦 - Palm on GWN


🇺🇸 - Lotus on SPV

🇨🇦 - Lotus on GWN

Fury 2

🇺🇸 - Fury 2 on SPV

🇨🇦 - Fury 2 on GWN


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