Arizer Solo 2 MAX Demo Session Join me as I demonstrate the Arizer Solo 2 MAX vaporizer, go over the features and functions, and finish with an epic session.


Arizer Solo 2 MAX Vaporizer - Demo Session

Canadians do four things really well: play hockey, apologize, create crazy food amalgamations, and make some of the best vaporizers on the market. Long-time player Arizer is back, updating their quintessential Solo 2 from 2017 and taking it to the MAX. Improving on everything from the charging standard to the customization options, the Arizer Solo 2 MAX is the perfect device for those who want a session vape with an abundance of battery life and a pure airpath resulting in the most flavourful of vapour. Let’s discuss.

Easy to Use and Charges as Quickly as it Heats Up

Building off the rock-solid, proven backbone of the Solo 2, the MAX is incredibly easy to use and that is perfect for the new user or anyone who appreciates simplicity. The Solo 2 MAX heats up quickly, reaching the desired temperature from cold in only 30 seconds. Featuring an upgraded USB-C charging core, the MAX loses the proprietary charger of its predecessor, a winning move for everyone.

Screen Orients Correctly at any Angle

The Solo 2 MAX features both automatic screen inversion and automatic control inversion. Regardless of the orientation of your device, the button pointing to the roof functions as “up”, and the screen will display right side up. Take advantage of the included waterpipe adapter to both add water to the equation and test out this cool new inverted function. You’ll also find the new Dark Mode that supplies crucial information in a subtle fashion for those who prioritize discretion.

An Abundance of Pure Vapour

The Solo 2 MAX takes advantage of its physical components to provide flavourful, pure vapour. Powered by a hybrid ceramic heater with a stainless-steel oven, the glass pod system keeps your flower isolated to ensure the optimal taste. The dual batteries can power your device for three hours of use, an absolutely bonkers number for a portable with this much power. Finally, much improved customization options allow you to truly gear the device to your specific wants and needs.

Arizer is a company that is known for quality, long lasting devices that require very little maintenance or special care. Arizer took their best known vape, their tried-and-true workhorse, and gave it a fresh modernization for 2024, giving you one of the best options for a portable flower vaporizer with all the bells and whistles. The Arizer Solo 2 MAX is the perfect way to get into vaping or provide yourself with the customized experience that you desire.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky; we'll see you next time.

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