Unleashing the Utillian 8: Portable Concentrate E-Rig Review Introducing the Utillian 8: Redefining Portable Concentrate Consumption


In the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis consumption, innovation continues to drive the market forward. Among the latest offerings is the Utillian 8, a portable e-rig designed for concentrate enthusiasts. In this review, we'll delve into the features, performance, and overall user experience of this intriguing device.

Unboxing Experience:

The Utillian 8 arrives neatly packaged in a compact zip case, reminiscent of similar products in its category. The case boasts a convenient Velcro strap to secure its contents, ensuring everything stays in place during transport. Upon opening, users are greeted with the Utillian 8 itself, along with various accessories neatly arranged within the case.

Design and Build Quality:

One notable aspect of the Utillian 8's design is its fabric-like exterior, which encases the plastic body of the device. While initially unconventional, this removable fabric cover adds a touch of customization, allowing users to opt for a sleeker aesthetic if desired. The rig features a glass top, akin to popular models like the Puffco Peak, albeit with a smoked finish to maintain cleanliness.

Functionality and Performance:

Equipped with USB-C charging, the Utillian 8 offers convenience for on-the-go users, although it lacks pass-through charging functionality. The device is rated for approximately 30 hits per battery charge, providing decent battery life for extended sessions. Temperature control is straightforward, with a single button interface for ease of use. However, users may find the temperature range system, rather than specific settings, a bit unconventional.

Atomizer and Consumables:

The Utillian 8 comes with a ceramic atomizer, featuring heating tracers for optimal heat distribution. While the atomizer provides impressive performance, it is deemed a consumable part, with longevity varying based on usage intensity. The device includes a multi-tool carb cap for convenient concentrate loading, enhancing the overall user experience.

User Experience and Vapour Quality:

Operating the Utillian 8 is intuitive, with a single button controlling both temperature settings and heating activation. Vapour production is commendable, particularly at temperatures 3 and 4. Users can expect flavourful, satisfying hits with each session, though some experimentation may be necessary to find the ideal settings and temperature for personal preference.

Maintenance and Longevity:

The Utillian 8's ceramic atomizer offers easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring consistent performance over time. Users can swab the atomizer or soak it in isopropyl alcohol for thorough cleaning, prolonging its lifespan and preserving vapour taste and quality. While regular maintenance is essential, the device's design facilitates hassle-free upkeep, a crucial factor for long-term satisfaction.


In conclusion, the Utillian 8 presents a compelling option for concentrate enthusiasts seeking a portable, lower priced, user-friendly e-rig. With its thoughtful design, impressive performance, and ease of maintenance, it stands out in a crowded market. While some aspects, such as the temperature range system and consumable atomizer, may require adjustment for certain users or simply make the device not for them, the overall experience is undeniably positive. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, devices like the Utillian 8 exemplify the innovation and quality consumers demand.

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