Best Dry Herb Vaporizers For 2024 Here's a list of the Top 5 Dry Herb Vaporizers from 2023 that I would recommend as we head into 2024!


Hey everyone, here's our picks for the top five vaporizers for 2024. We made this list specifically from vapes that we used and tested in 2023 and they are presented in no particular order.

The MiniNail Flower Wand is Pure Magic

Ball or injector style vaporizers keep growing in popularity every year and while up until this year, MiniNail has been a concentrate only company, they released their first ball vape in 2023 and it is definitely one of our overall favorite ball vapes, period. The Flower Wand provides exceptionally free air flow, and the power reserve is huge. This means that as soon as you inhale, all that available power is just washed over your flower, and it's got power to spare. You can do back-to-back to hits, give one to your friend, everyone's having a good time. Another thing we love about the Flower Wand is the titanium bowl that is included. You can get a glass bowl instead, but we really like the titanium bowl; it's super easy to clean, has incredibly good air flow (better air flow than their glass bowl) and it also enables a preheating capability where you can just leave your Flower Wand on that bowl for a minute or two before your hit and absolutely kick things up into two or three other dimensions. One final thing that's we love about this system is that the controller box works with either their concentrate enail or the Flower Wand, meaning that you just have to buy one system and then you can utilize the other system as well, with the appropriate piece. Basically, it is a two-in-one system, you just have to grab the other component. At first, we were pretty surprised to hear that MiniNail was making a dry herb product, but after the release of the Flower Wand, we are super excited and hope to see them develop further on this system in 2024.

The DynaVap WoodWynd Produces a Symphony of High-Quality Vapour

In our opinion, the WoodWynd is by far the most beautiful looking device that DynaVap has ever engineered and probably our favorite vape in terms of visual interest, overall. But it's not just the aesthetic on the WoodWynd, they brought back the wooden body and with a way better end cap system. It includes a condenser that doesn't need any O-rings, which is a first in the DynaVap world. The WoodWynd has DynaVap’s brand new Helix tip that we absolutely love, again not just visually, but functionally too. You’re also going to get the brand-new CCD in the tip that will also work in a 10mm piece. The WoodWynd is their XL length and that’s longer than the standard DynaVap and it fits perfectly in your hands; it is intentionally designed to sit perfectly in that gap between finger and thumb and is really easy to handle. If we were in the market for a new DynaVap today, we would definitely be leaning towards the WoodWynd. With all the improvements and advancements DynaVap has made with their manufacturing capabilities, we can only imagine what kind of cool stuff they're going to have releasing in 2024.

The VENTY from Storz & Bickel Turns it up to Twenty

Storz & Bickel do not make new devices very often, so when one becomes available, it's a big deal. We think that when the VENTY first came out, people were a little bit put off by the size and the shape. It is a little bit unusual compared to what they have made in the past and also what you see from other vendors, but once you use the VENTY, you understand what all the hype is about. The VENTY has an extremely powerful heater, and they also include a flow meter. Between those two features, this enables you to inhale as hard as you possibly want and then experience the heater kicking the power up to match the output of your inhale. Essentially, the heater stays at the same temperature the entire time. The VENTY heats up super-fast with USB-C charging, contains supercharger capabilities, single degree temperature control, a boost, and a double boost mode, but the other really amazing feature on the VENTY is the adjustable airflow. The VENTY has an airflow dial that you can adjust from almost completely closed off to something that's going to mimic a CRAFTY or a MIGHTY to wide open, and it doesn't even feel like you're breathing through something; it's just pretty much like taking a breath. All of these great attributes combine, and what you're left with is extremely free air flow and super smooth vapour. The reason we love the VENTY more than any other vape in their portable lineup is because it doesn't hurt our throat at all. We can use the VENTY at 400°, we can enjoy a long session, even a couple of sessions, and we’re not left with that raspy, scratchy sort of a feeling. Although the VENTY was a long time coming, we’re really glad they took their time with it because it is a fantastic device.

The Vestratto Anvil with ThermoCore Redefines Single Hit Extraction

The Anvil is a fantastic device, and the addition of the ThermoCore oven only makes it better. The Anvil has a very unique design, you can see these little bits of visible copper, and it has copper all throughout the oven, sandwiched in between stainless steel, and that will distribute your heat throughout the oven extremely efficiently, but also intelligently. If you look down at the bottom of the oven, there is a thermal battery that helps to act as a heat reservoir and then while you're inhaling, it is going to distribute heat all throughout the oven, giving you a fantastic hit through the entire cycle. You can use the Anvil dry, but for us, it is a little too powerful to go bare; we totally prefer to use it either through water or even through a J hook. The Anvil will work in a 14mm female joint and absolutely has single hit extraction capabilities. Not only can you achieve a single hit extraction, it's also incredibly consistent; if you use the same size heater, flame, and you aim it at the same place on the oven you'll experience an identical hit every time. Finally, the new ThermoCore oven is made to work with their new Forge induction heater that is going to be coming out later this year and should be a complete game changer.

The Old Head Terp Hammer: More Powerful than a Sledge

Brian from Old Head makes some really cool equipment; he's a super creative guy and he comes out with some really unique ideas that you haven't seen before. The Terp Hammer is a cordless or a wireless ball vape. Essentially, you place the ball vape “hammer” and rest it in the base unit to heat up. If you're heating it up from cold, we'd recommend giving it about 2 minutes to reach an effective heat, but if you're just reheating it between hits, it's way faster than that. Having a cordless or a wireless ball vape makes it so much easier to use every single time; you don't realize just how inconvenient being tethered to the station with a cord is. It’s way easier to put the base unit wherever you want, and whenever you want to enjoy a hit, just take the Terp Hammer out of the cradle, and head to your water piece. You no longer have to have everything stationed directly next to your power outlet. The Terp Hammer has power for days, exceptional air flow and a substantial power reserve. We find that the Terp Hammer works best when you hit it hard; a light hit will work, but when you hit it hard it really shines. One more thing we love about the Terp Hammer is that that base unit has dual use; be it works with a Terp Hammer as we’ve discussed, and it also works with a 20ml banger. Just put your banger in the cradle, and that will heat it up much better than a torch because it's quieter, more consistent, and it is potentially ready to go whenever you want to do a dab. Old Head is a really innovative company that makes innovative products, and the Terp Hammer is probably at the very top of that list.

There you go, a list of five of the best devices that you can covet as we move into 2024. Thank you so much for watching our videos guys, we really appreciate it and we're going to have a tonne of great content coming up in 2024, so keep it green, keep it sneaky, we'll see you next time.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky; we'll see you next time.

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