The Boost Evo by Dr. Dabber Pure Air-path, Great Battery, Fast Heat-up | Sneaky Pete Review

Hey guys, Sneaky Pete here and today I want to show you the new Dr. Dabber Boost Evo portable dab vaporizer. Dr. Dabber has been in the portable dab rig game for quite some time now, the Boost Evo is the latest and greatest addition to their line-up. It’s a huge step up from the Dr. Dabber Boost, which looks quite archaic by comparison.

The Boost Evo is available in either a white or a black color scheme and it comes in a really handy case, I’m a huge fan of manufacturers who put in the effort to provide a quality case that you’ll actually use to store and transport your device. The case has a lock on the side, space for the disassembled vaporizer, as well as a tiny storage pocket that houses the charging cable and a dab tool. A wall charger is not included, which is a bit disappointing considering the price, but the included USB-C cable can be used with pretty much any charging brick that you already have.


An extremely direct and pure air-path

The Dr. Dabber Boost Evo is a really nice compact size; it’s very easy to fit in your hand. It has small grips on the side which make it easy to hold, and is a nice reassuring weight without being overly heavy. On the front of the device is the single button that controls all operation, and the four LED lights which indicate the battery level. The button itself also has an LED, and you’ll see that there are even more lights around the grips on each side and the ring at the bottom. One thing I love about this vaporizer is it has the same sort of light show function seen on the Puffco Peak Pro, although the Boost Evo doesn’t have a phone app, so it is controlled directly on the vaporizer. I don’t think the light show is quite as cool as the one on the Peak Pro, but it gives you five different options and they’re all discernibly different, so you should find one that you like.

The Boost Evo is set up differently than many portable dab rigs, the air path is extremely direct on this vaporizer. The atomizer is at the top of the device and the water piece sits directly on top of that. Vapor literally goes straight from the atomizer into the water piece, meaning the air path is as pure as you can get, it also means it’s really easy to clean.

The water piece attaches to the quick connect adapter, which sits very securely in place thanks to the gasket on top of the adapter. When removing the water piece from the device, I find that in general the adapter will come with it, but occasionally the water piece will come out while leaving the adapter in place, not surprising considering the strength of the magnets that connect the adapter to the body of the vaporizer.

The very direct airflow design doesn’t leave any room for a carb cap, that function is instead handled by an airflow release button, which I really like. You can use this button in a few different ways: simply leave your finger off it to allow some airflow, place your finger over the end to minimize the airflow and create the thickest hit possible, slide it in and out to use it like a shotgun to clear the chamber, or just add or subtract airflow during your hit. Overall, it functions differently than many dab rigs, but I really like that different function.

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An easily removed quartz atomizer

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The Boost Evo features a bucket style atomizer that is made out of quartz, which I am really happy to see. The atomizer can be easily removed, and it’s held onto the device by the same really strong magnets used for the quick connect adapter. You’re not going to be able to torch your quartz bucket to clean it, as it’s built into the atomizer. They also recommend against submerging the atomizer in alcohol, so if yours gets really dirty I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to get it back to a “brand new” level of cleanliness. My Boost Evo has some build up in the corners that I haven’t been able to clean out.

The Boost Evo is a smart rig in the sense that the atomizer is constantly talking to the software to regulate and maintain the exact temperature you have it set to, rather than just heating to a pre-set power level and keeping that power level the whole time. I find the hits to be very consistent, regardless of what size of dab I load into it.


Up to 60 hits per charge

The Boost Evo has a built-in non-removable battery, and it charges via USB-C. The charging port is hidden behind a little silicone cover, and it does feature pass-through charging, so you can use it while it’s charging as long as it has a base level minimal charge. You can also charge this vaporizer from any battery bank or charger you may have.

Dr. Dabber says that you'll get 60 hits per battery charge, but really it’s going to depend on what temperature you’re vaping at, the ambient temperature of the area where you’re using the device, and then whether you’re using the 20 second or the 40 second heating cycle. Regardless of variables though, the battery life is really good.

In my testing, the Boost Evo would reach the set temperature in 10 to 15 seconds, depending on the temperature you have it set to and how big your load is. It’s a nice quick heat-up time and vapor is being produced as soon as the device vibrates to let you know that it’s ready.

Something that is a massive plus in my book is that Dr. Dabber included an auto shut-off on this device, unlike the Peak Pro. If you don’t touch it for 15 minutes it will turn off, meaning that you’re not going to run into that situation where you don't use it for two weeks, but still come back to a dead device like with the Peak Pro. Kudos to you, Dr. Dabber, it seems like such a simple thing, yet Puffco is still not doing it with one of the most popular devices on the market.

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Single button operation

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The Boost Evo is a super easy vape to use. The first thing you’ll want to do is fill the glass piece with water. It’s a pretty small water piece and you’re not going to get a tonne of water in there. Do some test hits to make sure it’s not too full, then attach it to the quick connect adapter. Next, you need to turn the device on by clicking the front facing button five times. It’ll light up, letting you know it’s turned on (giggity), and then the four LEDs will display your battery life in 25% increments.

The Boost Evo has six temperatures that you can select from, ranging from 500°F all the way up to 750°F. To change between the temperatures, click the button three times, and the lights will change to reflect your temperature setting. I’m not sure these temperatures are entirely accurate, as 500°F is getting hot for me on my Peak and that’s the lowest temp the Boost Evo goes down to. 750° is straight madness for concentrate, but you do get quite a wide range of temperatures, so there should be one that suits your liking.

Next you need to load your dab into the atomizer. Getting it on the bottom is ideal, but getting it on the wall hasn’t been a problem for me. When you’re ready to take your hit, all you do is hold the button down to make the device start to heat up to your pre-set temperature. When it is at temperature it will vibrate, then it’s ready for you to hit it.

You can use the Boost Evo in its default 20 second run time mode, or you can use it in party mode which gives you a 40 second run time, which is useful if you are doing big dabs between a couple of people. To switch between the two modes, when the device is turned off simply hold the main button, it will flash two or four times depending on which mode it is in. For me, the 20 second session time has been plenty, but it is nice that they give you a longer option.

To start the LED light show mode, simply click the button four times to engage it, and then double click to change between the five different settings. To change to the low light stealth mode, simply press the power button two times while light show mode is not enabled. Stealth mode means that only the button itself will illuminate and not the lights on the side.


Awesome flavor at low temperature

I’ve been getting some great hits out of the Boost Evo. Thanks to the sealed quartz bowl atomizer and the super direct and pure air path, the flavor from my concentrate has been awesome at low temperature. It’s decent at the higher temperature but I prefer the low one.

The hits at low temperatures are pretty smooth, but because the water piece doesn’t hold that much water, it can definitely make you cough at the higher temperatures. If you want to load up the atomizer and hit it at those high temperatures you can get some massive hits, but in general, I don’t recommend overfilling rigs like this as it seems to have a diminishing return after a certain point.


The glass is easy to clean, the atomizer is not

The glass piece is really easy to clean. Simply shake it in a baggie of isopropyl alcohol to get it back to a “brand new” level of cleanliness. I’ve been using a Q-Tip with isopropyl alcohol to clean out the atomizer, but it does seem to be getting a little bit of crusty build up in the corners that I haven’t been able to remove, which is a long-term concern.

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It’s definitely an efficient device; you don’t need a large amount of concentrate to do a dab in it, and at the higher temperatures it has fully vaporized whatever amount I have put in the atomizer. In general I dab on the smaller side, so when I do dabs at the lower temperature there is a little bit remaining. I just swab the leftovers up with a Q-Tip in between hits and aim to put the correct amount in there, so that there won’t be any leftover, based on what temperature I’m using.


The thing that I like most about the Boost Evo is the super pure air-path, you don’t see too many rigs that go directly from the atomizer to the water piece. This direct path means that not only are you bypassing running your vapor through silicone and down by the sides of the atomizer like on the Puffco Peak Pro, but it also makes it super easy to clean because it eliminates nooks and crannies.

Next, the 11 second heat up time really does make a difference. Compared to the Peak Pro it almost seems like it’s instantly ready to go, as the Peak Pro does take quite a while to get to temperature. This nice short heat up time makes it a super convenient rig, within 30 seconds you can be finished with your dab completely.

Finally, I really am impressed with the battery life I’ve been getting from it. Even if you’re getting in the neighbourhood of 50 hits rather than 60, I think that’s incredible for a single battery charge. The USB-C pass-through charging means it charges quickly from any power source and can be used while charging. Finally, they included the auto shut off which is one of my main complaints about the Peak Pro. You will never come back to a completely dead vaporizer even if you don’t use it for a couple of weeks, as the Boost Evo turns off after 15 minutes.


My atomizer is starting to get some build-up on it that I haven’t been able to get off. I haven’t been scraping too aggressively with a tool, as I don’t want to damage the surface, but it does seem to be getting some build up that is not coming off with a Q-Tip and isopropyl alcohol. I hope it doesn’t continue to build up, after a while you would want to replace the atomizer if it does.

The water piece I would say is good but not great. I was really happy that you could put a lot more water in the new Peak Pro compared to the original, but this one feels more like the original Peak compared to the Peak Pro. I would like to see a water piece on here with a significantly increased volume, as it would really help cool down those big hits.

Coming in at $330USD, the Boost Evo isn’t particularly cheap, and I think for that price it could have a bit more of a premium feel. The water piece doesn’t feel especially premium to me. The plastic that they used on the body of the vaporizer doesn’t have a real luxury feel, and the vibration sound is a little bit annoying, sounding like it’s made of cheap plastic. I think $300USD would be a fairer price.


I could definitely see the Boost Evo becoming a daily driver

Dr. Dabber have done a really good job with the Boost Evo. The Dr. Dabber Switch was cool, but not my first choice for a daily driver, I could definitely see the Boost Evo being a go-to portable dab rig of choice though. I’m a huge fan of the air path and I’m glad that they have a quartz bowl in the atomizer, both of these things really help in the flavor department.

The heat up time is really fast, and you’re getting a massive amount of hits per battery charge as well. I like the fact that it has the cool light shows and that you can trigger them and every other function directly on the device, as not everybody wants to use an app to access all of the functions available on their vaporizer.

I think they could lower the price a little bit to make it even more competitive and I would love to see a different choice of plastic material, but overall, I think people are going to be really happy with what they get out of the Boost Evo and I think it will be even better after they release some upgrade options like a larger glass piece.

Thanks so much for watching and reading guys I really appreciate it,