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Welcome to the first Vape Talk of 2019!  Let’s go over some questions…

Are you going to grow your own plants?

    Where I live in BC you can grow up to four plants per household that can’t be viewed from the general public.  I take that as you can’t put them in your front yard or somewhere really obvious.  I’m going to put out four plants on my deck for sure.  I don’t expect to get a huge yield as we don’t get a ton of sun, but it’s just way too much fun to miss out on.  There was a service at the Lift Expo that will be selling 16” plants rather than clones and I’d go for something like that 100% if it was available here.

Have you ever tried rosin?

    I’ve never tried my own pressed rosin and I’m not sure if I’ve ever had the real thing, but I am super excited to try it.  Really like the concept of a pure, chemical-free method to get concentrate from your flower.  The good news is that I have a rosin press incoming and a bunch of different kinds of flower.  I am going to be doing a lot of pressing over the next little while and I hope to have a video covering it for you all very soon.

How do you clean a whip for the Globe or the Ditanium?

    Silicone whips are tough, if not impossible, to get back to their original new condition.  As they’re used they will start to stain and won’t keep their clear colour.  I clean mine like I clean anything else, isopropyl alcohol and salt, but for whips I don’t soak it at all, just a minute in a ziplock bag shaking it the whole time and then a good rinse with water and let it dry.  This definitely does help to clean them, but if you’re looking for that brand new whip experience, it’s best to replace the whip when you feel it’s time.

What are you currently vaping?

    Lately, I’ve been using The Splinter a lot.  It’s a totally different vape compared to most.  It works with a 510 threaded mod like you’d use for e-cigs and it produces on-demand full convection vapour.  I have to admit, I almost gave up on this one.  I didn’t like the Milaana as I just found it way too hot and the mouthpiece was so wide, I always felt like it should buy me dinner after using it.  At first, because of the e-cig mod, I was using this totally wrong and kept scorching my bowl.  I persisted, though, and after consulting with some people I am now really digging this vape. 

    The Splinter is truly on-demand, within a few seconds you have vapour, and with a mod like this, the battery lasts forever.  It produces convection vapour, so the flavour is great and it hits like a tank.  It has stupefied me a few times.  It’s also incredibly efficient and a little pack can get many hits if you stir it, which can be tricky.  I’m no expert with mods, so if you know of some settings I should try let me know.  As you can see in the video, I have mine configured a few different ways.  I like the convenience of log mode, but at lower temperatures, I just don’t get as much vapour.  I do 30W on log mode with a water piece or 40W otherwise.  How do you guys use your 510 herb vapes?  Let me know in the comments!

    I’ve also been using the Boundless CFC Lite.  I wasn’t expecting much from this thing as its targeted price is just $60USD, but I have been very surprised.  At first, it had a real plastic smell, not so much like electronics though, but I did a few burn-offs and let it air out for a few days and the odour went away.  Virtually no manufacturing smells, which is rare for a vape at this price.  Once I started actually vaping with it I quickly learned it’s actually a nice little vape to use. 

    It has an 800mAh 18350 battery, so it’s a little guy, the size of a MIQRO, and it's rated for 4 – 6 sessions.  The CFC Lite heats up in about 40 seconds, has a good sized bowl, and it still packs a vibration motor despite being a small vape.  Considering the size I thought the vapour would be really hot but it’s actually pretty smooth and tasty.  Being small it does get warm, but if they can get this to $60 like they’re hoping then I think it will be a hit.  The CFC Lite packs way more performance than you’d expect for this price.  Nice job with this one Boundless!

How can I make my Arizer stand out from the crowd?

    You all asked, so we delivered…  our designer has custom fabricated new glass stems for the ArGo, the Air 2 and the Solo 2.  They come in a couple different sizes and 8 (EIGHT!) different colours!  The Air 2 and Solo 2 even have a special “Long Boy” edition.  This stem comes in at just under 7” and is great for chilling on the couch.  The extended length really does have an added cooling effect on the vapour.  Be sure to check these out!

    I have also been using this Brilliant Cut Grinder lately.  It is an awesome new grinder made right here in Vancouver BC.  It’s made from aluminium and it has some cool features that really set it apart.  The middle section can be changed out between a fine, medium, or coarse plate so you can get any type of grind you want with ease.  It has a patent pending design that helps to eliminate jamming and makes grinding easier, and there is a drill tip to eliminate herb getting stuck in the middle and teeth along the edge so that everything gets ground up.  The Brilliant Cut grinder has worked really well so far.  Definitely less grinding and very little if any herb remaining afterward in the top section.  I personally like the fine plate best.

    We have new products incoming as well as new videos!  Check out and to find all of the vapes and accessories like these new coloured Arizer stems. 

Also, have a look at our written reviews.  Reading reviews can help you be more informed than just watching review videos alone.

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Replacement Silicone Whip for C-150/Globe

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