What Is A Convection Vaporizer?



What’s a convection vaporizer? Well, the easiest way to think about it is that a convection vaporizer works a lot like an air-fryer in that when you put fries in an air-fryer, they stay stationary and the hot air swirls all around and that’s what bakes your food. Well, convection vaporizers work in pretty much the same manner, as your flower stays in plays, and it’s only exposed to hot air that’s going to run around and through the material which is going to cause it to vaporize. 

This is opposed to a conduction vaporizer which is going to use direct heat transfer from the oven walls into the material itself. A pure convection vaporizer gives you a very clean experience. You don’t want to waste your material due to contact on those hot oven walls and you get the very best flavour possible as well as the strongest effects.

There are a lot of hybrids out there that give you a mix of convection and conduction, even with the high-end devices like the Mighty+, but the purist who wants the absolute best vapour experience you can get wants to go with convection.

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