Best Vaporizers of 2019
Sneaky Pete's Vape of the Year Awards

This is my favorite video of the year, it gives me a chance to go back and look at the 45 different vaporizers and vaporizer accessories that I’ve used over the past 12 months to decide which ones really stand out. This year I’ll also be choosing a runner-up for each category, but the focus will just be on the winners. Enjoy the 2019 VoTYs!

Best Overall Concentrate Setup: MiniNail

The MiniNail is a desktop e-nail vaporizer system for use with your favorite concentrates. The design is excellent, it has a very accurate digital temperature display, it uses about 20% of the power of a normal e-nail, and it’s made in the USA so the quality is on point. You can get it in a few different variations, plus there are a ton of accessories that you can get to customize yours. I have mine completely kitted out and love how it looks and functions.

Runner-up: Boundless Terp Pen

Most Used Glass: Mega Globe

The Mega Globe has been a super popular glass piece and it has become my personal most-used piece as well. The percolator creates great dispersion, and with the additional size and water you get a ton of added cooling. The bigger footprint also makes the piece more stable compared to the smaller original Sneaky Pete Globe. Add on a Sidestep Adapter and Cooling Mouthpiece and you'll have yourself a kitted out, affordable, and highly functional piece.

Runner-up: Hula Stem

Best Accessory: Brilliant Cut Grinder

There’s a reason you see the Brilliant Cut Grinder on the desktop of every reviewer and vape aficionado, they really are that good. I’m blown away time and time again by how well this grinder works, no matter how big of a bud or how firm/dense it is, the Brilliant Cut will handle it with ease. I also haven't cleaned mine since I got it, and yet it’s never gummed up or become unusable.

Runner-up: Portside MINI Induction Heater

Easiest to Use: Storz & Bickel Crafty+

The Storz & Bickel Crafty+ is a hard-hitting portable that’s very easy to use and takes little effort to master. The heater is powerful, and the airflow is really free, you can gently hit this one and it’ll still pump out the vapor. Single-button operation makes the Crafty+ simple for anybody to use: one click to turn it on, two for boost temperature, three for max temperature, then hold the button to turn it off. It’s a winner because of the ease of use, learning curve, and huge clouds that require very little effort.

Runner-up: Healthy Rips Fury Edge

Lemon of the Year: G Pen Connect

The G Pen Connect is a portable dab rig that can work directly in your water piece so you can be dabbing without a torch or a banger and still use your normal glass piece. I really wanted to love this one as it has a really cool and well-executed concept. The atomizer is what let it down for me. It feels like we stepped back in time with this one. People want a bucket atomizer they can keep clean and consistently get fresh flavor. The Connect uses a ceramic plate style atomizer that is really hard to get clean, it’s also hard to load because it’s small and narrow. You have to get the concentrate on the center or it won't dab properly. I'd like to see them to take this concept and build it around a proper bucket atomizer, when they do that I’ll be first in line to check it out.

Runner-up: Splinter

Best Value: DabCap V3

The DabCap is an amazing little widget that is designed to make any cartridge usable with any water piece, no matter the size, gender, or connection. But it’s so much more useful than just that. The multi-sized cutouts and flexible silicone allow a ton of different vapes to work with different water pieces, like the DynaVap for example. I’ve found a bunch of uses for this and discover more constantly as people try it with this mouthpiece or that stem. It’ll work with a 10, 14, or 18mm male or female joint, so it’s a very useful tool to have.

Runner-up: DynaVap M 2019

Biggest Surprise: DynaVap DynaCoil

When you first see the DynaVap DynaCoil, it doesn’t look like anything you’ve ever used concentrates with before. Like most things DynaVap makes, it’s deceptively simple and works incredibly well. Simply remove the CCD from your DynaVap vaporizer, place in the DynaCoil, add some concentrate, and heat as usual. Even though it’s hollow in the middle, your concentrate will just melt into the latticework of holes to be efficiently vaporized. This is a really simple and effective way to consume concentrate, and if you already have any DynaVap it's a super affordable way to add new function to your system.

Runner-up: 2019 Flip Brick

Hardest Hitter: G43

The G43 was a welcome surprise this year. It’s made by The Vape Critic, but sadly I don’t think he’s selling them anymore, if you can find one for sale, you should definitely grab it. The G43 is a monster vapor machine, you load your flower into it, use a mod to heat up the glass balls, then you just rip it. The residual heat makes for monster tokes. This is one of the harder hitting vapes that I own, and one good rip from it is almost always enough for me.

Runner-up: Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

Best Overall Vapor: Splinter Z

The Splinter Z is an on-demand full convection vaporizer that takes a bit longer to heat up than its little brother the Splinter, but that extra time to warm up the larger heating element is worth waiting for. The Splinter Z produces amazingly terpy hits. The flavor is thick and you’ll notice it’s very pure tasting. I wish the units were a little more reliable, then we’d still be selling them, but I’m eager to see the next iteration of this device.

Runner-up: Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

Product of the Year: Simrell Vortex Stem

2019 has been an absolutely crazy year for third-party DynaVap accessories. The Vortex Stem by The Simrell Collection has set the bar high and cemented itself as the default choice for a high-end titanium stem. Its unique function, vortex airflow, and intercooler really take a lot of the heat out of your vapor. I have a lot of DynaVap stems, but this one is by far my most used. I use it primarily along with all my fun glass stems, but if I could only choose one DynaVap stem it would have to be this one. It even made me start using DynaVaps more in general, which really says a lot!

Runner-up: Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

Well there you have it, my favorite vaporizers and vaporizer accessories of 2019. It was a year full of wonderful new products and I can't wait to see what 2020 has in store for us. You can find most of these vapes and accessories for sale at either (U.S.A.) or at (rest of the world).

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