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Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here and today I want to show you a quick look at the brand new 2020 Coloured DynaVap Ms. The 2020 M is definitely my favourite one so far, and I think it be pretty tough to argue that it’s not the best M they’ve ever made.

But these brand new colours add 3 completely new looks and a very different feel to the device we all know and love. Feast your eyes on the PhantoM, the RosiuM, and then the brand new AzuriuM.

Most people are already pretty familiar with the Dynavap lineup, but if you are brand new to the device, the DynaVap is an ultra-small vaporizer that can be heated with a butane torch, an induction heater, or a variety of other heat sources like a campfire for example.

You can also use the Dynacoil if you want to use the device with concentrate so it’s got dry herb and concentrate versatility, but whichever way you use it after you heat it the device will emit its signature click when it is a proper temperature and then you simply go ahead and inhale.

It’s an incredibly efficient and effective vaporizer, you really won’t find anything else that small, there is nothing much to break down and you are guaranteed no firmware issues.

The 2020 M brought in a number of serious upgrades that I cover in detail on my 2020 M review video, watch that one if you want to see the features in full detail.

Going over them quickly though, the 2020 M brings the new Captive Cap which you’ll find on each of these coloured models, it also has adjust-a-bowl technology so that you can put your CCD on the smaller size to allow for micro dosing.

It has this beautiful new body shape, which is truly highlighted in these coloured models, then moving down the device you have these chiral airports to allow for more complex airflow pattern.

Finally, the mouthpiece is now a 10mm tapered size, so it will work directly with any 10mm joint. Functionally these new coloured models are identical to the stainless-steel model, but that’s where the similarities end as visually, they are strikingly different.

While you have definitely seen a number of different vendors colouring DynaVaps, the majority of people are anodizing the devices. Nothing wrong with anodizing, but these ones simply use a different process, which is called PVD or physical vapour deposition.

This is done in a vacuum environment and it creates a very strong bond when deposited on the metal, giving you a durable, resilient coating. Over time, any finish is going to wear, especially if you use it a lot in a glass joint, or if it rubs up against your keys all the time, but overall, these finishes do keep very well when you treat the device with a normal degree of care.

One thing that is cool with this finish is that they do the interior components as well, so the condenser will match that same colour, and this year they did the PVD coating on the finished caps themselves, so the coating goes over the laser engraving, rather than the laser engraving over the colour, so it gives a really complete look.

Anyone with a DynaVap knows that over time, your cap will break in a bit and it doesn’t have that same new shiny look, so the caps themselves are going to change a bit.

However, if you use an induction heater exclusively, that will retain the cap colour the best. Using a torch will wear the colour faster on your cap, however if you heat it evenly and don’t get those red hotspots then the colour will retain the same for much longer.

First let’s go over the classic and that is the 2020 PhantoM. You have seen a similar variation of a dark colour in the previous generations, and it looks just fantastic on the 2020 M. It gives the device much more of a stealthy matte finish instead of a shiny finish, and that also gives it a less slippery feel as well. It has a lot more grip when compared to the stainless finish.

Black or dark colours in general are always a classic choice for a vaporizer, a lot of people like to keep their gear low-key and with the dark matte finish this one certainly fits in that category.

However, keep in mind with this PVD process, no two vaporizers will be identical, so each one of these Coloured 2020 M is going to look slightly different than its siblings. What you’ll notice in many of these PhantoMs is this subtle blue gradient in the body, and you can even see it on a little bit of the tip sometimes. Diverse light really plays differently on these vapes, and I found when I took this one outside it really did show those nice blue colours which adds a cool dimension to the flat black of the vape.

Next let’s have a look at the AzuriuM, and this is an absolutely striking vaporizer. It’s one of those things that is kind of difficult to truly capture in a picture or in a video, when I saw this one in person for the first time it really blue (pun) me away.

While the black has that cool gradient that gives it some texture, the azuriuM finish is very uniform, it has a very consistent overall colouring on it. I also noticed for the AzuriuM and the RosiuM model, the tip is very easy to take off, if you ever struggle with that, I would consider these models indeed.

So, the AzuriuM is pretty cool already, and this one also has a very special feature. George always has great names for this kind of thing, and he calls this a transitional colour coating, or is he prefers a perma therma chroma canvas. Essentially how this coating works, is that if you overheat the tip with a torch so that it gets red hot and this will initiate a colour changing process.

Because the AzuriuM and the RosiuM are finished with the titanium containing material, when you overheat them, they will undergo a process similar to titanium anodization, and if you heat treat this, then the colour that you land on will remain quite durable and stable, even more so than with regular titanium anodizing.

Keep in mind, once you decide to heat this, you cannot go back to the original blue color, so make sure you want to commit before you start. Also, the colour change will move through a gradient only in one direction, you cannot go back to a colour you previously had it at.

I did a little bit of experimentation with this model here before I saw someone do it with a drill which is definitely the way to go, and you can see that it is no longer that beautiful uniform blue, it now has this different colour gradient on it though it’s pretty roughly applied here. I want to do a little more on this one now that I have it slowly spinning on a drill, look at the cool colours that you can get this one to go, this is a super fun process and I think you are really going to enjoy this.

Also, I really recommend taking your time when you’re going to torch this as you can come up with some pretty cool looks as you can see here. One pro tip is if you put a good fingerprint on to the metal, as you heat it up that will have a play on the gradient process, so once you’re adding fingerprints these things are getting truly personalized.

Finally, let’s look at the RosiuM model, and as much as I like the AzuriuM and the PhantoM, this one has a charm that is really difficult to ignore. Within these individual vaporizers, you are going to find the most variation in the RosiuM.

This pink or purpleish colour is the primary colour on the device, but when heated, then the highlights are going to be an entire range of golds, greens, and even blues.

As you can see, these two models are quite different, and even in this one tip you see pink with a transition to gold, but then just look at these ridges here, they are pink on the outside with green on the inside.

Each of these RosiuM models are truly unique, but as they are covered with that same titanium material during the PVD process, this will also undergo that same transitional colour with its perma therma chroma canvas.

The way to think about it is you can turn an AzuriuM into something like a RosiuM, but you can’t turn a RosiuM into an AzuriuM, remember, I said that transitional colour only goes one way, so think of AzuriuM as the start of the grade.

The RosiuM was super popular last year, and I think that’s going to retain this year as it is even more beautiful than its predecessor. I really like the look of a stock RosiuM, but I want to heat this one up so I can show you that it can also undergo that same colour changing process.

The new colour Ms sell for $87 USD, so for an additional $12 compared to the original model you can grab whichever of these colours you like the best, or if you buy a couple you can always mix and match, they really do look great when you start switching tips and caps.

Each of these new colours has its own charm and I’m sure there will be one that appeals to anyone who already enjoys their stainless 2020 M. Not only is it cool they added this new AzuriuM this year, but I love this colour changing aspect to the AzuriuM and the RosiuM, and I can’t wait to see the truly unique pieces people end up creating.

Which finish do you guys like the best? Let me know in the comments and the new 2020 Coloured M is available at www.vapenorth.ca and www.sneakypetestore.com

Thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed this quick look at the new coloured 2020 DynaVap Ms,


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