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Aomai Stealth Butane Lighter

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The Aomai Stealth Butane Lighter delivers James Bond levels of stealth with its diminutive form and intelligent design. It does not sacrifice power or utility, despite measuring in at an insanely compact 79mm x 19mm. In fact, the technologically advanced ignition system and the ability to switch the gas on and off mean it's packing features that many full size lighters lack. There is a trade-off between a huge reservoir and extreme stealth, but the tank of the Aomai will still last for a generous number of DynaVap bowls.

Available in multiple colors, the Stealth Lighter has an easy to view window on its fuel tank to assess the fuel level before you take your kit on the go, so you'll never be caught short. Stellar with any arsenal you bring and really excelling with a more portable kit, the Aomai Stealth Butane Lighter will satisfy your needs.

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