Arizer Air SE Review - Amazing Value! An easy to use interface, simple maintenance, and quality vapour make this a great choice for an entry level vape.


The Arizer Air SE is an Affordable Workhorse

The new Arizer Air SE is a more affordable version of a comparable like the Arizer Air Max. Coming in at only $125 CAD at the time of writing, it's the perfect kind of vaporizer for beginners or even for budget conscious consumers.
The Air SE comes in two colours: a translucent Blue Haze and it is also available in a Reefer White, and it comes in this tiny box. When you take a gander in the box, you’ll see all that they give you with this device; it comes with one short stem, a case for the stem as well, a stirring tool, and you get some screen packs as well as a USB charging cable. There is a decent number of accessories, but way less than you would see with an Air Max.

A Mixed Bag of Charging Features

The Air SE charges using micro-USB in what can only be assumed as a cost cutting measure, but you're still going to get around 80 minutes of use per charge which is exceptional. It also has a removable battery, and we did find this battery door really hard to remove the first time, but it just requires a little bit more force than you'd think. Inside that compartment, you will find an 18650 battery so even though it's micro-USB charging, you do get a removable battery and then it also has a use while charging feature and that is a very popular feature.

Pure Glass = Flavour Town

If you haven't used an Arizer portable previously, they're all built around a proprietary glass pod system. Essentially, your flower is going to load in the stem and that stem is going to go right into the oven. The Air SE has a ceramic heating element, but it is a stainless-steel oven that it's going to sit in, but your flower stays encased in the glass here, keeping the chamber as pure as possible. As long as you pack the stem properly, your flower is only going to be touching glass, which is ideal. An isolated air path is perfect for great flavour and although it doesn't heat up super-fast, this is a session style vaporizer and not an on-demand one hit at a time device, so having patience with it is part of the process.  It takes the Arizer Air SE a short while to heat up and then you can go ahead and have a five-minute-long session.
Rather than being able to set the temperature by the degree, the Air SE has five pre-set temperatures. You can choose blue or 356°F, white or 374°F, green is 392°F, and this was the one we used the most often by a substantial amount. You also have the option of orange or 401°F and if we are using it with a water piece, we usually went all the way to the top temperature, red, which is 410°F. Usually, we would do our first session on green and then ramp up to orange for the next session. We’d encourage you to experiment yourself to find what works best for you.

Easy to Use Interface

The Arizer Air SE has a two-button interface that’s essentially temperature up, temperature down or press both buttons at the same time to power the device on or off. When you turn the device on, you will hear it beep to indicate that it is turned on but if you don't want it to beep, you can turn that off all together. Finally, the light is going to turn green indicating the battery life when you turn it on. When it’s in standby mode it just blinks blue and if we press either the up or down button then it's going to start heating it up to whatever temperature it was last used it at.
The SE also has an auto-shutoff feature, so even if you forget it’s on halfway through a session and just put it down, the Air SE will turn off; it's not just going to run your battery out. Subsequently, because it has the overall stripped down feature set for affordability, you can't change the auto-shutoff time, so you’re stuck with the one default interval.  To turn the device off, all you need to do is follow the same process you did to turn it on, press both buttons at the same time and it'll beep to indicate that it is turned off.
The SE takes advantage of a clean air path and your herb being quarantined in glass to deliver fantastic flavour. While it is not the strongest vape, we found that we had to do a full session to really feel the effects rather than using a ball vape where you're going for one big hit at a time. This is how a session vape is designed to work, though, so keep that in mind.

A Lot of Bang for Your Buck

We love how affordable this vaporizer is; you get a lot of device for your money and it's not an inexpensive one that you're going to want to upgrade right away. We are fans of the vapour quality. it feels like hitting a Solo 2 or Air Max or something along those lines. There’s really not a tonne of difference between how Arizer’s models perform, it's the bells and whistles that are wrapped around that performance that makes you want to choose one model over another.
Another major plus is how flexible the Air SE is. It's going to work with any third-party adapter or stem that we sell that works with the Solo 2 or an Air Max and you can also use it with a water pipe adapter. It really does work great through a water pipe at the highest temperature, so we recommend giving that a try. It’s really nice that you can use the device a couple of different ways, depending on what you prefer the best.
It really would have been nice to use USB-C which is a significantly faster charging protocol and that's what all the cables are switching to these days. We also would have liked to see them include a longer stem; we do find this short one a little bit on the short side, and really only used it for testing. We much prefer a longer stem because it’ll make the vapour is substantially cooler than a shorter stem. Finally, we really wish It beeped when it got to temperature. It really doesn't make any sense to us to include a beep function but not have a beep for the most important thing: when it's ready to use.

Value and Performance Driven

Overall, we think you're getting fantastic value for your money. Our gripes are pretty minor compared to all the positive attributes the Air SE has and it's nice to see companies looking at just how expensive everything is right now and giving us some nice affordable options that are still going to give you the performance that you require.

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