Enhance Your Venty Experience with the Venty Stainless Steel Cooling Unit Durability and Performance Redefined for Your Venty Experience

A Heavyweight Champion for Your Venty

Meet the Venty Stainless Steel Cooling Unit, a robust and highly functional alternative to the traditional plastic cooling unit. Weighing in at a substantial 230g, this heavyweight option offers unmatched durability and performance, making it an ideal upgrade for your Venty setup.

Superior AirFlow Control

Despite its sturdy construction, the Venty Stainless Steel Cooling Unit maintains the same adjustable air flow dial as the plastic version. This ensures you get the personalized air flow control you need for an optimal experience. Whether you prefer wide open cooling or a more restricted flow, this unit delivers excellent performance.

Enhanced Cooling Capabilities

One of the standout features of the stainless steel unit is its ability to enhance the cooling process. The metal's heft not only adds a premium feel to the device but also aids in cooling the vapour. As the vapour passes through, the stainless steel absorbs heat, resulting in a cooler, smoother experience.

Comprehensive Accessories Included

When you purchase the Venty Stainless Steel Cooling Unit, you receive a complete set of replacement parts and accessories. The unit is designed for disassembly, making cleaning a breeze. It includes extra O-rings and replacement screens, ensuring you can keep your device in top condition. Additionally, the package comes with both a glass and a titanium mouthpiece, offering you flexibility and choice.

Versatility with Mouthpiece Options

The included glass and titanium mouthpieces are not only compatible with the stainless steel unit but can also be used with the Ventyโ€™s native cooling unit. This versatility allows you to mix and match based on your preferences, providing a tailored vaping experience.

The Premium Feel of Metal

While plastic components, like those from Storz & Bickel, are made from high-quality materials, some users prefer the premium feel and durability of metal. The Venty Stainless Steel Cooling Unit caters to this preference, offering a sleek, durable, and highly functional alternative.

Aesthetic and Functional Upgrade

In conclusion, the Venty Stainless Steel Cooling Unit is more than just a cool-looking accessory. Its multiple mouthpiece options, retention of adjustable air flow, and enhanced cooling action make it a practical and stylish addition to your Venty setup. Upgrade your vaping experience with this premium, durable, and high-performing cooling unit.

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