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The Grasshopper has been the most highly anticipated vaporizer of 2015.  It's a device that was born out of a successful Kickstarter campaign, and people have followed along with every step of the design as they awaited their product.  Now that it's here - does it deliver on what it set out to?  Super fast heat-up, small form factor, great battery, highly efficient, full convection vaporization....the list goes on and on.  Can it really deliver all of this and more?  Should you order one of these units, not knowing how long the wait will be?  Join me as we go over this exciting new unit!


0:25 Components of kit

2:57 Take apart Grasshopper

4:19 How to reassemble

5:01 How to fill chamber

6:07 How to change temperature

7:14 How to use the Grasshopper

9:13 Charging the unit

10:23 Flexibility

10:36 Cleaning


12:30 Battery life

13:49 Heat up time

14:37 Taste

15:04 Size of toke

15:55 Harshness

17:01 Smell

17:38 Ruggedness

18:18 Efficiency

19:45 Stealth factor

20:26 Effects

21:01 Price

21:26 Red & Blue

23:33 Favourite things

25:35 Gripes

27:31 Final Thoughts

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