Pipe Plug - Demo Video Pipe Plugs allow you to use less iso and help make glass cleaning easy!


The Pipe Plug makes it easier to clean your favourite water piece. They're made from silicone and they come in either a green or black colour, and they work with a multitude of different joint sizes. For 14mm female joints, you can use it pointy side up, and just snap it in place nice and tight. Or, you can use it pointy side down, and ‘screw’ it in place into your joint. You can even use it in smaller joints like 10mm, or in larger joints like 18mm, and you can also use it in a mouthpiece. 

Having this nice tight seal not only makes it easier to clean, but it also lets you use less isopropyl alcohol because once you have a nice tight seal (and always check over a sink, don't do this over a carpet) you can give it a nice, healthy shake which is going to clean your piece very effectively. Then whenever you're done, just remove one of the plugs and drain the ISO out. 

Even check it out with our Mega Cube! This is our largest piece, and there's a lot of water in this one. And I am shaking this as hard as I can, even with two hands here. And look at that.Completely tight seal. Always be careful. Only do your shaking over a sink, and make sure you don't drop your water piece!

All Clean Everything with Pipe Plugs

The next few days after we clean our glass, it’s common to notice that residual isopropyl smell. That smell isn’t coming from your glass, it’s on your fingers, from plugging the holes on your water piece while you shake it. The Pipe Plug completely erases the issue in the simplest of ways, and the results are a cleaner glass piece and normal smelling thumbs. Count us in!

A Tight Seal in Two Colours

Pipe Plugs are made from either black or green silicone and are designed to seal the joints on your water piece to facilitate a more thoroughly sealed ISO shake. Even with your thumbs, some alcohol will leak out and if you don’t use any stopper at all, you’re about to make a sensational mess.

Easy to Use and Multi-Sized

Super simple to use, just 'screw' the Plug into your intake joint or mouthpiece and that’s it. We recommend giving it a less vigorous shake to start, just to make sure the Plug is in nice and tight. If you’re using a 14mm joint, make sure the pointy end of the Pipe Plug is point up, and the result will be a super tight seal. If you have a 10mm or 18mm joint, place the Plug pointy end down and then 'screw' it in place, tightly, until you have a proper seal.

When shaking liquid in any water piece, we recommend doing it over a sink and again, testing the seal before you get vigorous, just to be on the safe side. When you have the proper seal, you’ll be able to give it a good, proper shake, needling less ISO than you’re used to using.

Pipe Plugs Make Glass Cleaning Easy

The Pipe Plugs are not recommended to be used with male joints, but with females, they are the best way to plug the openings on your water piece. This is a much easier and more thorough way to clean your favourite water pipe.

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