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Hey guys, Sneaky Pete here and today I want to show you the VapBong. I’m not going to be doing a full review on this, as I haven’t had it for a long time, but this is a super exciting vaporizer and a truly unique offering, so I wanted to show you guys right away.

What is it That Thing?

Most people when they see this thing for the first time are probably like myself and they wonder, “what exactly am I looking at?” Well, essentially the VapBong is a handmade Ceramic vaporizer/bong combination that comes from Germany.

The company that makes it is called Art of Vapor, and these things are made by a small team of artisans, and they come in a massive number of different looks. I wanted to get something that was really different than the standard dark or black colours I would typically choose, and we often see available, and this thing is just gorgeous; I love this look and it is truly one of a kind as they are all handmade.

When you look on the back of the bong, you are going to see a shotgun, and this is a carb hole like you would find on many different devices and stems. In North America, this is not something that we are used to seeing on bongs themselves, but according to what I’ve read this is a more common thing in Germany. But if you don’t want to use the shotgun approach to it you can simply plug this with a little cork.

In this large ball piece of the device, you’re going to find the heater, which is a kanthal wire-based heater wrapped around a ceramic piece, and this thing really harnesses a huge amount of latent heat, which then lets out full blast however you want to hit it, which gives the amazing results that you’re seeing.

How Does it Work?

VapBong is a desktop vaporizer, so it has a cord that is built right into the unit. I’m not sure the impact that is going to have on cleaning, but as it’s made from ceramic everyone says that they are able to get it clean very easily. That cord is going to plug into this power adapter, and people recommend starting at around 11.4V. You will find that the voltage settles a little bit over time and then will regulate at that new level, when I sent mine to 11.4V, it usually drops down to about 10.5V and that’s where I have been leaving it.

My power adaptor gets pretty warm, I definitely wish it didn’t get as hot as it does when it’s left for a long period of time, so I just have mine slightly raised off my desk to allow for airflow under it and it really seems to help.

You are going to want to let this heat-soak for a good amount of time; 10 minutes is recommended in the instructions but going longer can give you even better results. This is one device that you can leave on for a long period of time, they say in the FAQ it can theoretically be left on permanently as it won’t overheat, so either way you want to approach it, it’s a vape where you can turn it on when you get home and turn it off before you go to bed, just be aware that the heater right here is going to get very warm, so you don’t want to touch that. 

Next, you are going to want to fill your unit with water, and as it’s not see-through it can be a little tricky to do that. They recommend between 300 and 500 mL of water though, so just measure 300ml out in the measuring cup and try that, then add in another 200 ml if you want more, or you can always use it dry if you prefer for the purest flavour.

Using the Vape

When you buy the VapBong, you get the unit itself, this bowl which forms the other ball and that’s where you load your flower, and you also get this little dish. The dish is a handy little loading tool, all you do is align the hole in the loading dish with the hole in your bowl, and then simply use your finger or just tilt it to slide your herb into the bowl. I like that it has this touch with a handmade tray and ball that matches the design of your vaporizer, it just further individualizes each unit and makes all of them unique.

Now, you can load this bowl in a number of ways. Some people are just using whole buds to get that absolute unbeatable flavour that only comes from using unground buds. You can also grind it very fine, or medium-fine like you normally would.

You can absolutely load this bowl with something like .2 of a gram, or you can use a tiny amount on the screen for micro dosing. It really is incredibly versatile, and I would definitely advise you to experiment and try all of the different loading methods to see what works best for you.

Once you have it loaded up, just align the bowl back on the unit (it just drops and seats into place). Next, you want to plug the shotgun either with your thumb or with a cork, and then inhale. What you’re going to notice is a different chugging action than with a lot of water pieces; it’s a bit more of a refined gentle bubbling and less of a chug, but this will change depending on how much water you put in.

You can hit this one as hard as you want. If you want to do a full force rip, it it’s definitely possible as the airflow and low draw resistance is just incredible; it’s virtually free flowing. If you don’t have a huge lung capacity, they’ll fill up pretty quick if you’re doing that, but you can just hit it cigar puff style or slow and consistent; it offers you flexibility, but it seems to prefer being ripped hard.

Vapour Quality (Taste, Smoothness, Size, Effects)

So far, I am really impressed with the vapour quality on this. The size of the hits is absolutely substantial, and then the flavour is really good as well because of that pure convection vapour that you’re getting. The heater in this is very simple, and as you can see, it gives this mass of heat that flows over your flower and then into that very nicely chugging bong, producing these incredible results.

With that pure convection vapour, you can get hugely powerful effects. I don’t like to throw around terms like endgame, as I’m always interested in testing new vaporizers, but this certainly seems to be that type of heavy hitter candidate to compete for that title if you need one in your arsenal.

The ABV is coming out very evenly, with different packing styles and inhale techniques I’ve had some variance as you’d expect, but overall, the vapour is just blowing me away and I’m amazed at how well it works with a small amount of flower.

Overall Thoughts

So, there you go. I wanted to give you guys a quick look at the VapBong as this one is gaining popularity with aficionados and I am truly impressed with the overall look and performance.

This one comes from Germany and it is a bit difficult to acquire at the present time, it sort of reminds me of the tinymight in that sense, but definitely hop onto their website and put an order through if you’re interested in this one, as it is definitely going to be finding a permanent place in my collection not only because of the performance that it offers, but also because of the completely unique and handmade look which is going to be a lovely conversation piece and it also just offers something totally different from that factory produced look that so many vaporizers have.

Each unit is handmade and unique from all others, so if nothing else hop onto the website and check out some of the designs as they really do some cool work and it is awesome to see this sort of uniqueness and artistry in the space, but then when you combine it with the knockout vapour performance it just makes this a totally worthwhile purchase, be aware they are not cheap though, but you get what you pay for in this case.

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