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Welcome to Vape Talk!  First, some Q & A…

How much smell does vaping make?

    One of the main benefits of vaping vs smoking herb is the smell.  Odour is greatly reduced by vaping instead of combusting, both while you’re actually doing it and afterwards in the area and on your person.  Vaping has very little smell, not even really comparable to smoking which can be smelled a mile away.

What mod should I use for the Splinter?

    The Splinter or Splinter Z will work with most 510 threaded mods.  However, if you want to run the recommended my_evic custom firmware you’ll be limited to a smaller number of mods.  I advise doing this because updating made a huge difference in how easy and consistent the vape is to use.  My mod is the Reuleaux RX GEN3 and I really like it, especially with three 18650 batteries for tons of power.

What am I currently vaping?

- Prrl Labs Ember

    The Ember is a new 510 vape by Prrl Labs.  As you can see in the video, the Ember is a different approach to vaping, and it is very similar to using a pipe.  The kit comes with a mod, the heater, and a wooden pipe.  Instead of messing with a basket, stem, etc. you load up the pipe with finely ground flower, the mod/heater goes on top of the pipe making a seal, and then it heats and vapes your herb.

    This vape is really dependent on breath control.  You run it in wattage mode, and it’s kind of like using concentrate in the Firefly 2.  Take a couple of cigar puffs to warm up the herb and then a slow and long draw.  The mod quits after 15 seconds so you may need to press it midway through your hit if you’re going big.  The flavour with the Ember is really nice.  It takes some time to dial in the technique, but the great tasting vapour is worth it.  I’d like to see an adapter to run it through water as it can get a little harsh with extended use, and like many 410 vapes on wattage mode, it can combust if used incorrectly.

- DabCap v2

    The DabCap is a simple but brilliant device.  It’s made from food-grade silicone and it is a vape-to-rig adapter.  The tapered end will work on any piece, any size, male or female.  The other side of the DabCap is designed to fit most any vape cartridge.  It replaces the fat mouthpiece that I was using before and works much better.  It fits CCell mouthpieces, pod systems like the Pax Era, and it is silicone so it can flex for use with a DynaVap!

    We have a custom-made version that will be on the site really soon.  You can sign up for an email alert and the first 50 orders can use code DABCAP15 to save 15% on either or  If the code doesn’t work, then all 50 have been taken.

- Hula Stems, Strong-Arm Adapter and The Widow Maker

    The Hula Stem replaces the stem and condenser and connects directly to the tip, so your DynaVap now has a glass stem.  The glass has pokes that add surface area to cool down the vapour, and after using it for a while I do like hitting without a carb.

    The Strong-Arm adapter is a universal male adapter that enables you to use a DynaVap through a female water piece.  I enjoy using a DynaCoil through the Strong-Arm and hitting concentrates with a water tool.  If you haven’t tried the DynaCoil through water, I highly recommend it.

    The Widow Maker has two 14mm female joints that run to a single 14mm male joint, enabling you to use two vaporizers at the same time through a single water piece.  As you can imagine, it’s crazy.  Be careful having two vapes on your rig as it can become top-heavy.

- The Splinter Z

    Finally, I’ve been using the Splinter Z a lot lately.  It’s a larger version of the RBT Splinter with the Zion heater in it.  It takes a little longer to heat up compared to the standard Splinter, but some mods can be turned up to make it heat faster.  I’ve got mine set to go up to 50W max.  The Zion heater is much more powerful than the basic heater.  Once it’s warmed up, it pumps out vapour with superb flavour.  I use a small amount of herb and dispose of it after one session, the flavour is just too good with the Z to not use a fresh load every time.

    Would I prefer the Z to the Splinter?  The more powerful Zion heater will produce bigger hits, so if that’s your main interest you’d want to go that route.  But I like how the old Splinter heats up faster and I am already pretty happy with how it performs, so I’d go with it personally.  Check the video for a comparison using our new XTENDED mouthpiece.


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