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Today we're going to take a quick look at the new 2020 DynaVap M.  I'll do a quick overview of the device, then share my three favorite things about it.

The DynaVap M is one of the best selling vaporizers on the market.  Its portability and performance make it a great value for both new and experienced users.  And it's been popular ever since it was introduced, but wow, has it ever come a long way since then.

The new 2020 M has a totally redesigned look, and I have to say I'm a fan.  I liked the 2019 model as well, but this to me just seems like a mature device and that they've really created the look they were after the whole time.

How is the 2020 M different?  The air port, the tip, the cap, the mouthpiece; there isn't an element in this device that hasn't undergone a total redesign.

Onto my 3 favourite things: first up, the tapered mouthpiece.  I am a huge fan of vaping through water, and the taper on the new mouthpiece means you don't have to hold the device up to your glass anymore.  With the old mouthpiece, when you'd use it with a 10mm female joint, you had to kinda awkwardly hold the device up to the joint while using the air port at the same time, which was not the easiest thing to do.  Problem solved.

Second is the new captive cap.  I recently made a video on how to tighten your DynaVap cap, but with this new system I'm not sure that it's really going to be needed.  The new cap simply has notches on the side which allows it to snap in place at the bottom of the tip, so no matter how hard you shake it it's not going anywhere.  You have total cap security regardless of the angle.  And even though it's secure it still remains quite loose on the device and you can even spin it in place if you want.

And my third favourite feature on the 2020 M is that it now has an adjustable bowl as featured in the higher end titanium tip.  The DynaVap is already an insanely efficient vaporizer, but with the adjustable feature you can reduce your herb usage dramatically.  I get way more vapour from my material when I use a smaller bowl.  I find that I typically do the same amount of hits per bowl (2-3) no matter how big it is because the flavour only lasts so long, but this new feature ends up saving me so much herb and I'm really glad to see they added it.

So the 2020 M is really quite an upgrade to the 2019 M.  It's available for pre-order right now, so if you're interested in one you can definitely reserve your spot for the device now and it'll ship at the end of the month.

I'll be doing a full review coming soon, well before the release date, so watch for that if you're on the fence before making a decision.

Head to vapenorth.ca or sneakypetestore.com and pre-order your very own 2020 M now, and make sure to sign up for the Sneaky Pete Video Club if you haven't done so already, to* get exclusive discounts and early video access.


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