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Hey guys, Sneaky Pete here.  I’m so glad to be to talking to you all again, 'cause it feels like it’s been forever. Way too long, in fact, but there’s been some serious bullsh*t afoot, let me tell you all about what's been going on.

I started making videos in 2014 and I've loved doing it. Everything had been ticking away just fine, but then I somehow got caught up in YouTube’s never ending and wildly successful quest to make things just a little bit worse.

All of a sudden I got hit with rapid fire strikes on my videos.  Some of these were old videos; we’re taking videos that I made 3 years ago that had been sitting up there, not bothering anyone, but suddenly YouTube deemed to them to contain harmful or dangerous content. I wish they’d give us some more info on what the problem is so that I could make sure to play by their rules and not do it again. I liken it to getting pulled over by a cop and he says, 'here’s your ticket', and you say what did I do wrong so I can stop doing that?  And he just replies 'don’t do it again'! 

So I was basically left with two choices; either leave everything as is and hope that I don’t get another strike...which didn’t seem very likely based on results. The other option was to make all of my videos private, wait for one of the strikes to clear so we have some room to work with, and then continue to post videos and hope I was now within their guidelines, so I went for that approach. 

Now I hope I don’t sound bitter here, because I’m really not, and it’s YouTube’s sandbox.  I don’t have to like the rules, but I am bound by them. But if anyone thinks that I am going to stop making these review videos for you guys, they are sorely mistaken.

In fact, I’ve released 4 new videos since my channel went dark, and I have a whole bunch coming soon.  There are some exciting new vapes coming in 2020 and I can’t wait to discuss those with you guys.

So essentially there will be a 3 step approach to make sure that no matter what the brain trust at YouTube decides to do, you guys will always be able to find my new material

1 - All of my videos that I’ve done up to this point, and there’s over 150 of them by now, can be found on and sneakypetestore.comHead to the review section in the menu and you can find them all categorized, or you can just use the search bar to find whatever you’re after.  And we always have a link to the latest video directly on the homepage

2 - This is really important; please take 20 seconds and sign up for the Sneaky Pete Video Club.  This is really the most critical step.  When you sign up for this list it means you’ll get an email whenever I release a new video, and only when I release a new video.  No marketing; just a direct way for me to tell you I have a new video out regardless of what platform it may be on.

3 - Starting really soon I’m going to start posting all of my new content on YouTube again.  I hope that I can make all of the old content public again as well, but we just have to take it one step at a time. 

Seriously guys, thank you so much for the support and the views over the years.  I really appreciate the trust you place in me to tell you my honest thoughts on the products I cover. Let’s hope this is a temporary YouTube blip, but either way please sign up for the Sneaky Pete Video Club and you’re going to get those fresh new videos right as soon as they’re released, so that YouTube ain’t gonna keep us apart. 

Thanks so much for watching guys, I really appreciate it.



  • Posted by John O'Grady on

    Thank You and Welcome Back!
    May you have great success…

  • Posted by John O'Grady on

    Why not put the three videos up where we can find them and let us crowdsource the problems on those videos.

  • Posted by Gregory on

    Love your stuff, you should look up BitChute. Your content gave me the confidence to try smoking marijuana and it helped me overcome a lot of my anxiety issues.

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