Best Vaporizers & Accessories in 2020 Sneaky Pete's Vape Awards

Hey guys, it's Sneaky Pete here and today I'm very excited to bring you my favorite video of the year - THE 2020 VAPE AWARDS!

I love making my Vape Award videos because they give me a chance to look back at all of the different vaporizers and accessories I've used throughout the year. Only products that I have personally tested and used during 2020 are eligible for these awards. Some of these categories were really difficult to choose a single winner for, so I decided to also acknowledge the runners up that were close behind the victors.

So here we go guys, the 2020 Vape Awards, let's do it!

Best Overall Concentrate Vaporizer: Puffco Peak Pro

Runner Up: Dr Dabber Boost Evo

The Puffco Peak Pro is a sexy, portable electronic dab rig, that gives you solid and consistent performance with no learning curve whatsoever. For anyone who has a big budget and wants a very easy-to-use concentrate vaporizer, this one perfectly fits the bill. On top of that, the Peak Pro also has an app that allows for a huge level of customization, perfect for experienced users and adventurous newbies alike.

Puffco have upgraded almost everything on this year's model compared to last one, for example, they added wireless and USB charging, and they even improved the case. They have however switched to a closed system atomizer, which makes it a lot less customizable, so if you were a fan of that aspect of the last model you might want to reconsider upgrading. They also still haven’t included an auto shutoff feature, which I’ll complain about until they finally do.

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Most Used Glass: BubbleMax

Runner Up: Sneaky Pete Defender

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The Arizer Solo 2 is one of my most used portable session vaporizers, but it’s definitely one that I prefer to run through water, as your throat will get warm with longer session style use. The Bubblemax is perfect for this task, it’s a very portable water piece, but still manages to deliver desktop level water cooling for your vapor. Whenever I take my Solo 2 or Air 2 on the road, this is the water piece that goes with it.

Best Accessory: Tectonic Stem

Runner Up: DynaTec Orion Induction Heater

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The Shell Shock Stem was a pleasant surprise for me, when you disassemble it you realize that it’s not only quite unique externally, but also internally due to its lack of o-rings, the built-in condenser, and the adjustable airflow dial. The original Shell Shock Stem has been updated and the new version is called the Tectonic Stem, it retains all of the innovation, while also managing to be even better than the original.

One thing about this stem I didn’t expect was how hard it hits, the upgraded design of the condenser greatly improves performance, consistently pumping out larger than average rips.

To get a stainless steel stem of this quality, with these features, for this affordable price, is pretty much unheard of.

Easiest to Use: Hopper io

Runner Up: Vleaf go

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The Hopper io is an ultra tiny, on-demand, full convection, portable herb vaporizer. It’s about the size of a large pen. You’re not going to find a battery powered vaporizer smaller than this, but even in this diminutive form it still features a fully adjustable temperature dial and single button operation.

The convection vapor hits hard, it has great flavor, and can create way bigger hits than you’d expect from a vaporizer of this size. The best part about this one though, is that it’s instant-on, meaning that once you click the button you can start inhaling straight away, or just pass it to someone and tell them to inhale. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Lemon of the Year: The Hippie Pipe

Runner Up: None

The Hippie Pipe has a really cool concept, but they blew it on the execution. It’s definitely possible to get a good hit from this vaporizer, but the temperature indicator strip just isn’t very practical and makes it difficult. You really have to go by timing and feel to get decent hits with any sort of consistency, rather than relying on the indicator strip as the manufacturer intended.

I really like the spring loading design, and it’s cool to have a visual temperature indicator on a butane powered vaporizer like this, but they need to take this vape back to the drawing board and make the strip much more responsive to both the heating up and the cooling down.

Much more detailed instructions on how exactly you should heat it would be hugely beneficial, as it’s way too much work for a casual user to figure it out for themself.

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Best Value: 2020 DynaVap M

Runner Up: Tectonic Stem

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The DynaVap M has been a great vaporizer ever since it first came out, but I think in 2020 it really hit its stride. DynaVap have added a ton of refinement to the device this year, as well as a number of very useful features, such as the adjust-a-bowl, and the 10mm tapered mouthpiece which makes it work natively through glass.

While some of us have 10, 20, or even more vaporizers, some people only want to have one. This is a great choice for such people, it’s one of the few vaporizers that has the ability to take you on a super terpy journey with light hits, or give you insanely thick hits that are almost combustion-level. Coupled with the fact that it offers on-demand performance and the ability to heat it with a number of different sources, and you just can’t beat what this vaporizer offers for the price of US$75.

Biggest Surprise: Terp Torch

Runner Up: Tetra P80

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I really didn't know what to expect when I first saw the Terp Torch, but after spending 24 hours with it, I was blown away by the quality of the convection vapor this thing can put out. Because it’s a pure convection vaporizer, the flavor is outstanding, and it also hits super hard. But the Terp Torch is also amazing for microdosing when you use it with different bowls and experiment with different temperatures.

With this thing I can vape flower, kief, or even thick bubble hash, so it’s super versatile. Don’t let the unassuming first impression fool you, this thing will go toe-to-toe with any heavyweight in your collection. I also find it a really enjoyable vaporizer to use, which is important to me.

Best Overall Vapor: Tinymight

Runner Up: Vapbong

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The Tinymight gives you on-demand performance with true convection vapor, and not only is it some of the tastiest vapor I’ve had this year, but it also spits it out with ease and no technique required. This is truly one of those vaporizers that simply require you to inhale when it vibrates, and you’ll be rewarded with some of the best convection flavor you are going to find. It also produces vapor in abundance, with immediate and strong effects. It has that rich, 510 mod type of vapor creation, but in a handheld, super easy-to-use unit. If you like flavor, heavy hitters, or strong effects, this may be a good vape for you.

Hardest Hitter: Vapbong

Runner Up: Terp Torch

When I first saw the Vapbong I had no idea what I was even looking at, it’s a very unique entry to this space. The Vapbong is a handmade ceramic vaporizer that combines a vaporizer and a water piece into one device. It also comes in a huge variety of different looks and shapes.

The Vapbong takes around 10 minutes to heat up, but when it’s running you can leave it on all day long. Once this thing is at temperature, it retains a tremendous amount of heat in the large heater, which gives you full convection vapor in absolutely crazy quantities. Thanks to that massive heater, you can hit this one really slowly, or you can hit it as fast as you can, and you’ll still get crazy results. I've never had a vaporizer fill my lungs like this one.

One of the reasons I love this vape is that even though it has a powerful heater, it is also very accurate. My ABV is consistently light green, if I hit it four times in a row it doesn’t produce vapor after a certain point, but it also doesn’t keep making the herb darker, which you don’t often see.

They did an amazing job with this vape and it’s without a doubt, one of the heaviest, if not the heaviest, hitter in my collection, as well as one of my most used.

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Product of the Year: Tinymight

Runner Up: Vapbong

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This is always a difficult category to pick a winner for, I went back-and-forth between a few units this year before finally landing on the TinyMight. The reason I chose this vaporizer is that I really need desktop-level power and performance, but ideally without a cord. This is one of the very few portables I have ever used that could completely fulfill all of my vaping needs, so this year the product of the year goes to the Tinymight.

Make no mistake, this is a desktop caliber vaporizer in a portable package. You get on-demand convection vapor, really simple and straightforward operation, and massive terpy tokes that will floor you. It uses a very common and replaceable 18650 battery, and it’s really low maintenance, the only thing you’ll need to clean is the glass stem.

If they didn’t have production challenges they would have sold a metric ton of these. It’s a very rare type of vape, as very few portable vaporizers can provide this kind of performance.

Thanks so much for watching and reading the 2020 Vape Awards guys, I appreciate each and every one of you that watch my videos, my channel would be nothing without you.

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2020 was an excellent year for new products and I can’t wait to see what the world of vapes has to offer during 2021, I hope you’ll join me as I discover it all.

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